Print Commodity Management and Promotional Product Management Made Easy

Three Part Guest Post by Steve Bramble, Superior Business Solutions Director of Program Implementation

Print and Promotional Product Commodity Management Made Easy Commodity management of your print and management of your promotional products might sound overwhelming to deal with, but it actually can be a relatively easy process to implement.

At Superior Business Solutions, we offer a full line of products and services to manage all your promotion and print that are required to support your operations. We use the most advanced technologies to not only enhance the buyer’s experience, but also to offer permissions and controls to ensure adherence to our customer’s corporate standards and program guidelines.

But Commodity Management of Print and Promo Management Is More Than the Products; It’s the Process

Yes, we will supply you with all of the print and promotional products you need, but the true time and dollar savings are realized through implementing the best processes and improving them over time.

We have ideas and processes that work, but we are realists too. We haven’t been around for over 90 years without being realistic, without pushing innovation to streamline processes, and by being afraid to fail. Change can take time, so we adapt the best processes that our customers are willing to start with, and continue to, offer suggestions and improvements within the time that makes sense.

Combining our Corporate Kiosk technologies along with our Promoplace, provides streamlined commodity management of your print and promotional programs and products, and it will save you time and money. We know – we have the case studies.

Corporate Kiosk technologyEasy to Use, Customized Technology Solutions for Your Print  Commodity Management

Technology is great, right? But let’s be honest, it’s only great if it is used. And it will only be used if it is easy, and makes sense. Give me a call and I can get into more specific detail for the technology solutions employed by Superior Business Solutions, but it is important to note that we customize each site in-house for our Corporate Kiosk technology.

This includes programming the look, functionality, and even a personalized experience for each buyer when needed. Need to make changes or updates? Because we have in-house programming, they happen fast!

Think of Corporate Kiosk as Your Customized E-Store

Corporate Kiosk technology for commodity management of printYour Customized Corporate Kiosk solution is much more than a website to place an order for print and promotional products. It tracks inventory and provides approved re-order points. It communicates with the buyer, the location, plant or distribution center and our customer service department simultaneously.

Other Capabilities Of Corporate Kiosk Include:

Robust capabilities allow for a centralized procurement portal with individual location/user experience

      • Order friendly system (as easy as Amazon)
      • Integrates with major operating systems (SAP, Oracle, etc.)
      • All of your print, promotional products and apparel on one order portal
      • Permissions based with flexibility for multiple groups
      • Integrated Digital Asset Library available for approved image storage

Check out the images above illustrating various pages of the LaQuinta Corporate Kiosk, and you will get an idea of what I’m talking about.

We use the most advanced technologies to not only enhance the print and promotional product buyer’s experience, but also to offer permissions and controls to ensure adherence to our customer’s corporate standards and program guidelines.

The images of the LaQuinta site represent the Corporate Kiosk technology capabilities, but I recommend a live demonstration to be able to appreciate them fully, so please feel free to give me a call at (616) 514-5624 to schedule a demo in person or online.

The Power of Promoplace

I have shared a little bit about the benefits to Corporate Kiosk technology as it pertains to print commodity management and in part two of this three part series on print and promotional product management, I will explain the power of combining Corporate Kiosk technology with Promoplace. In part three, I will explain how we can help you buy print and promotional products more cost effectively. So stay tuned!

About Steve Bramble:Steve Bramble

Steve’s position is to work with our Account Managers and clients with program understanding, development, and implementation. Please feel free to give him a call at (616) 514-5624 to talk with him about how we might be able to help with your commodity management of print and promotional products.

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