Is Your Business Using Today’s Technology To Meet Your Printing Needs?

Most of us probably think of Uber as a forward-thinking company. It not only pioneered a popular ride-sharing service, but has invested heavily into self-driving cars. But Uber is apparently looking even farther ahead than that. It has formed partnerships and started development of a flying car, aiming for a 2020 test.

Smart companies know the old saying “if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail”. But for most businesses, staying ahead of the curve isn’t a dramatic “flying cars” kind of issue. It’s less obvious and involves everyday activity. Many businesses continue habits that are familiar and comfortable, but not nearly as efficient as more modern approaches. Competitors not bound by those rituals move on, and prosper as a result.

Do You Handle Printing with Yesterday’s Business Model?

Here are some easy ways to tell if you are using outdated printing practices:

  • Every time you need a project printed, it’s a “one-off.” You essentially start from scratch each time, planning it, bidding it, sourcing it, and hoping it goes well.
  • You deal with a local print shop that may offer friendly service, but just doesn’t have the modern technologies or advanced capabilities like a nationwide network of vendors to choose from to help your business grow.
  • Employees are frequently asked to become instant “printing experts” and handle important projects with little or no experience, putting dollars and relationships at risk.

This is, most definitely, the “old” way of doing it. But moving your company into the future of printing is simple. It requires little work on your part; just smart thinking.

Print Management: Printing Designed for Today’s Business

People at successful businesses today, find the most efficient ways to use time and money. Printing is one area in which the future is already solidly in place. One-off projects have been replaced by print management—a focused and disciplined approach to the sourcing and delivery of all print projects. It will reduce actual costs and eliminate countless hours of employee time wasted under the old system.

As your print management partner, Superior Business Solutions can call upon a network of more than 2,000 vendors in the United States. We can match capabilities to the quality and timing you need, providing you an unequaled weapon in efficiency and cost management.

Corporate Kiosk™ Makes Ordering Printing As Easy As Ordering Lunch

Our Corporate Kiosk technology automates much of the print procurement process for frequently reordered forms, and those used in many offices throughout your enterprise. It virtually eliminates errors, drastically reduces employee time and provides a previously unattainable level of consistency and cost control. You approve all the forms available through a convenient internet portal, and designate which employees, whether it’s one or all, can access the system.

Superior Business Solutions is a leader in Print Management and Marketing Enablement solutions for growth oriented organizations. In this quick story, our client from Frankenmuth Insurance talks about his experience with our Print on Demand Solution within the Corporate Kiosk platform.

The solution and results they received are pretty amazing, with both hard and soft dollar cost savings.

Watch the video, and see if you can relate to the challenges they were experiencing when doing their binders every year. This video was shot entirely in Frankenmuth, Michigan. If you have never visited Frankenmuth, it is truly a unique, and very charming destination.

Customer satisfaction drives all the printing services provided by Superior. Onetime brochures and marketing materials are produced by quality print providers under our supervision. Every-day printed materials are delivered as needed through advanced supply chain management. Your printed product quality goes up. The associated costs and hassles go down.

Many companies are enjoying those benefits right now. And our 2017 Best of Print and Digital Award shows how our customers feel about it. Why put off your benefits until sometime in the future?

Flying Cars Are Interesting. But Saving Money on Printing Can Start Today.

Our future in transportation may well include flying cars. Based on some drivers today, I’m not sure how I feel about that. But the future of printing is here and now. And I am sure you’ll reap great benefits from it with Superior. Reach out to me or contact one of our award-winning sales reps for a print supply chain review.

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