Printing Jobs are Not DIY Projects

Who among us hasn’t painted a room, or tackled a weekend project around the house? But most of us are smart enough to know (or learn pretty quickly, as in my case) what things we are better off having professionals handle. Think about how the same principle applies at work. Printing services are a great example.

You and your employees are most productive when you spend your time doing what you do best. But chances are, establishing specs, interviewing several printers, choosing the vendor, monitoring progress, final proofing, and distributing printed pieces are not highlighted skills on your resume.

What Are Print Projects Keeping Your Employees From Accomplishing?

At many companies, it force employees to interrupt their regular duties to deal with the replenishment of frequently used documents. And the creation of sell sheets, flyers and other “one off” printed pieces sends them even further out of their comfort zone, eating up more time.

That wasted employee time can cost you plenty. But that’s not the only downside of handling printing projects internally. The people given that responsibility normally have little experience in sourcing a print project, evaluating potential vendors, or even describing the desired result accurately. Further, they are not experienced in costing out such projects.

It’s not their fault, of course. But if you make it their jobs, then you could experience unpleasant outcomes in terms of quality, timely delivery, and total cost. (Starting to sound like one of those ill-advised home projects again, eh?)

Take On 12 Jobs—or One Partner

You can’t be an expert at everything. But you can partner with an expert in printing services to help you avoid the risks, wasted time and cost overruns.

We offer:

  • more than 100 years’ experience in helping businesses save money on printing
  • a national network of nearly 2,000 capable printing and promotional product vendors
  • the ability to source your project wisely to get the best quality, on time, at the lowest price
  • unmatched expertise in all forms of printing, from small-run digital to large-scale offset

Even better, our Corporate Kiosk™ print-on-demand technology permits you to store pre-approved documents behind an online portal. Individuals you designate can then access and customize as needed with no hassle or wasted time.

Printing Services: Problem Solved

I hear people talking all the time about how they have no time and need to find more money for the budget. I always smile to myself because I have another chance to explain just how easy it is to save time and money, by simply examining their printing services.

Things like how print is purchased by a business can make a huge change in efficiencies and budget. Please contact Superior today and ask for a free print supply chain audit. It is easy and painless and the end result will be an enormous saving in money and manpower for your business.


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