Save Time and Money with These 2 Printing Services

Many high-profile changes in today’s business operations have come as a result of the internet, including the Internet of Things (IoT) and other advances that have improved supply change management. Much of the spotlight has been on manufacturing operations that see improved inventory management and production efficiencies. But today, businesses of every type and in every sector are using new technologies to improve their business. And one frequent area of improvement that can no longer remain “under the radar” is that of printing services.

Adding Productivity to Printing Services

Regardless of the business, printing services likely play an important role. From the business labels and forms used daily, both internally and in customer interactions, to the high profile annual reports, marketing literature and other collateral material that provide a compelling company image to its stakeholders, customers and prospects—printing is a primary focus.

Superior Business Solutions offers two remarkably efficient e-procurement technologies that provide businesses like yours an unprecedented level of control over the supply, purchase, procurement and fulfillment process for print and promotional materials.

Print services and promotional items were often considered a tedious commodity purchase at best, and at worst a disruptive and time-consuming chore. Thanks to these automated technologies, they have become a smooth and efficient business tool and an image-enhancing boost for your business.

Corporate Kiosk Delivers Quality and Consistency Enterprise-wide

Our Corporate Kiosk™ technology is the perfect way to order and supply frequently used printed items like promotional products, labels, tags, forms and documents that are a regular part of conducting your business. At the managerial level, you create or choose the exact printed item that will be made available for ordering by departments and remote locations across your enterprise, then you designate which employees—from one to all of them – will be authorized to do so.

Among its many benefits, Corporate Kiosk e-procurement enables you to:

  • Save money and increase productivity
  • Ensure print quality and accuracy
  • Save valuable employee time
  • Control spend and eliminate cost differences
  • Manage inventory, procurement and spend

Corporate Kiosk is also an excellent tool for managing the selection, purchasing, and fulfillment of promotional items. As with printing services, it helps save employee time with all sourcing and specifying done in advance. Quality is ensured by our extensive network of trusted vendors. Rogue purchases and unexpected price variances are eliminated from the process.

 E(c3) Handles Specialty Print Projects with Precision

For digital, litho and one-off specialty printing projects, our E(c3) print management and e-procurement technology delivers the best possible results. It is a centralized print purchasing platform that allows our experienced on-staff printing experts to bid your print project to the most appropriate choices among our network of nearly 3,000 pre-qualified vendors.

Because we understand the unique strengths of each vendor, we will bid the vendors who most reliably deliver the quality your project demands on the schedule you wish to maintain. The vast size of the network allows us to take advantage of supply and demand realities, and often deliver a substantially lower cost for the print job compared to one bid through your own efforts. Other benefits of E(c3) e-procurement include:

  • Experienced print production professionals manage your project.
  • Project process helps ensure that your quality and delivery expectations are met.
  • The internal procurement process is simplified for you and your accounting departments.
  • Average cost savings of 10-20% compared with what you have typically spent.
  • Transparent, detailed, comprehensive reporting and audit capabilities.

Improve Your Printing Services with a Phone Call

Printed materials are too important to your business to settle for “what you’ve always done” when our printing services technologies are ready to make such a big difference in your business. We have been improving efficiencies in print for our clients for almost 100 years and I would bet that we can help you too.

Reach out to me today, or contact one of our sales representatives to have a frank conversation about your print supply chain and promotional product management. Together, we can decide if you might benefit from a print and promotional product audit; it’s free, and it just might save you a great deal of money, time and headaches in operating your business.

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