How Will You Spend the Time Managed Print Services Will Save You In Your Workday?

Okay, I won’t deny it. This post is aimed at getting you to do something. But honestly, it’s just as much about what you ought to stop doing. That is, wasting costly amounts of time and money getting your printing needs met. Because your business can be more streamlined, productive and profitable with managed print services.

Chances are, you are incurring plenty of unnecessary costs and squandering hours of time (both yours and your employees’) on things like:

  • Having different people, often in different company locations, specifying and ordering what ought to be the same forms. They may match, and they may not. Errors can creep in. And control of costs is very difficult without central oversight.
  • Even if they do happen to create acceptable versions of the same form….and even if the price is reasonable…you’ve lost money paying people to duplicate efforts. Needlessly.
  • What about specialty print projects, like brochures and promotional materials? Quality is even more important (because your image is at stake). And staff experience with this kind of printing is likely even harder to come by. That means more time wasted. And more risk of trouble, since knowledge of printers and the ability to deal with them isn’t a skill set you went out of your way to hire.

Experience the Benefits of Managed Print Services Technology

The beauty of managed print services is that you have not only experience working for you, but advanced technologies, as well. Superior Business Solutions makes it easy to demonstrate my point. Our innovations save so much time and money during the workday, employees will be heading home when they used to be spinning their wheels and solving problems.

First, Corporate Kiosk™, one of our e-Procurement technologies, solves all those form and day-to-day materials problems. In a nutshell, you load the exact forms needed into the system. Then you designate whomever you want—from one employee to all of them—to allow them access to order those forms, with whatever customization you choose to allow. The same, perfect form across all your locations, ordered quickly through an online portal and delivered where and when needed. And at a controlled, predictable cost. You get supply, purchase, procurement and fulfillment in one max-speed package.

Next, there is E(c3) Print Management. This is a centralized e-sourcing and e-procurement platform for those bigger digital, litho and specialty printing projects. It allows our experienced printing professionals to bid your project with the best candidates among thousands of carefully vetted and verified vendors across the country. We find you the best printer, and the best deal, for your project.

Better Managed Print Solutions from Superior

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Superior leads the way in providing managed print solutions. We were founded long ago on the simple concept of saving time during the workday. Read about it here—from a post on the subject when we celebrated our 90th birthday.

History is great, but we have a few more recent “proof points” that help explain why our managed print services are a great business decision. For starters, we maintain ISO certification that virtually guarantees that our performance measures up to very demanding standards. And for the quality of our printing services, look to the 2017 Best of Print and Digital award we won, strictly on the strength of the rankings by our customers.

Call Us—and Have Dinner with Your Family Again

I know it’s a lot to take in, when you’re used to handling things the usual way. But you’ve got a lot of time and money to save, so it’s time to do it a better way.

To find out more about how our managed print services can reduce spend and increase efficiencies, contact me today or reach out to one of our winning sales reps and ask for a free 15 minute managed print services consultation.

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