Not Hocus-Pocus, But Marketing Focus

Almost any company would agree with this statement: a great salesperson can quickly determine a prospect’s main areas of interest or concern and address those areas effectively. But that can only happen with a sales call or phone conversation. What can you do on a website? Meet Print on Demand. More specifically, meet the magic to Print-on-Demand…variable Print-on-Demand.

Dynamic, variable Print-on-Demand is like having a salesperson as a part of every online interaction with potential customers. I don’t like clichés, but since it’s baseball season I’ll make an exception. Print-on-demand is a home run for the impact it has on both marketing and on business efficiency. In short, it helps attract and focus the interests of prospects at the top of the marketing funnel. But it also works wonders at helping “close the deal” on a potential sale.

Generic Brochures and Proposals No Longer a “Thing”

Old-school marketing employed standardized materials that attempted to present the “whole’ picture. They contained a little bit of information on everything. Those materials bombarded prospects with as much information about things they didn’t care about as about their major areas of interest. What’s wrong with that picture?

What’s wrong is that every prospect needs a slightly different picture. Variable Print on Demand gives it to them. In person, a sales rep can cut right to the heart of an issue, and discuss the products, opportunities or “pain points’  a prospect cares about most. With variable Print-on-Demand, your website and other digital communications can do the same thing.

Variable Print-on-Demand Works. Here’s How.

Many websites collect information. Visitors regularly complete online forms, applications, questionnaires and more. Previously, that information found its way to a virtual dumping ground, awaiting follow-up or classification in some sort of lead-processing mechanism.

Variable Prin-on-Demand allows you to use the information immediately, to your company’s advantage. The technology is dynamic, so the information is processed in real time. It’s variable because the information can be “read” and trigger the most appropriate content from a series of options. Thus, the result is more relevant and useful response vehicles.

Prospects will receive brochures or other materials that have been “customized” based on the information they themselves have provided.

Content That Leads to Conversions

Clearly, basic things like job title and company function can help in formulating a tailored response. But by collecting a bit more input from the prospect, you can do far more. If a few of your company’s products or services seem to be “hot buttons” for a prospect, Print-on-Demand can ensure that the downloadable PDFs generated provide in-depth detail about those offerings, without extraneous information getting in the way.

If concerns are expressed, it can choose content that will best allay those concerns. Print-on-Demand not only eliminates wasted content and counterproductive distraction, but it also helps your company to appear focused and responsive. Good listening is a key to successful selling, and this indicates you were listening.

Print-on-Demand Leads to Significant Savings

The examples above demonstrate the difference Print-on-Demand can make in helping turn prospects into customers. But it’s also important to appreciate the unique capability of Print-on-Demand to handle complex logistic problems. In one case, we used variable Print-on-Demand to save one client nearly $1 million.

The client, a state agency, needed to manage and distribute “permit” packets to truckers in the state, authorizing specific groups of drivers to haul selected materials. This licensing required careful monitoring of information submitted, and flawless processing of this information into paper permits, vehicle stickers, and other documentation. The efficiency provided by the use of Print on Demand in this situation turned it into an incredible, variable Print on Demand success story.

Demand More from Your Marketing

Efficiency is our whole reason for being. We’ve been offering it to businesses for nearly 100 years. Along the way, we’ve earned ISO certification for the precision and consistency of our client-focused procedures. And for three consecutive years now, reviews from our customers have earned us Best of Print and Digital awards.

Your business will almost certainly benefit from working with Superior. Contact us today to learn about products and technologies that will make that happen. Magic would be nice, of course. But until someone finds a way to provide that on demand, our experience is the next best thing.

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