Assessing and Defending Against Document Security Threats

I’m sure you try to safeguard the security of the documents you generate in your business. But it’s also likely that you feel vaguely uneasy when you hear news stories about counterfeiting, duplication and identity theft almost daily. Document security threats are on the rise. Are you certain your organization is properly protected?

How can you think broadly enough to prevent attacks from so many different directions? Good news: I have a resource to help assess and defend against document security threats that will arm you for the task. I’ll get to that in a moment. But here’s why you should stay tuned.

Think You’re Not a Likely Target?

Counterfeiting, alterations, and duplications are increasing at dramatic rates and targets are more widely varied than ever before. Any company issuing documents of value, documents of identity or using product labels may be potential targets.

Superior Business Solutions has been working with businesses to make them more effective for 95 years. In the process, we have learned exactly how to effectively defend against document security threats. And one thing has become perfectly clear: “whistling in the dark” is not a document security strategy.

Every business has a great deal to lose. But if you operate in one of these industries, you should be especially diligent.

  1. Universities

You are responsible for the financial, enrollment, and academic data for many thousands of students who are just establishing identities and starting careers. They have a great deal to lose. Which means you do too.

  1. Insurance Companies and Financial Institutions

Actuarial data, premium payments, beneficiary forms, home, and vehicle registration data, loss histories and more. Your security policy just might be the most important one you monitor.

  1. Government Agencies

This one almost goes without saying. Permits, licenses, income, benefit payments, tax forms and an endless list of others. Security vulnerabilities may cause irreparable harm to great numbers of people who depend upon you to protect them.

  1. Manufacturers

The product doesn’t matter. Whether you make golf tees or tortilla chips, your protective shield needs to be up. You have printed documents, product labels, marketing materials, logistics stickers and many more items subject to counterfeiting, manipulation or other disruption.

  1. Retail and Service Businesses

Risk is your 24/7 partner. You must fend off attacks involving food safety, financial transactions, competitive data, personnel records and more. All of it can be tracked, hacked and used against you.

This White Paper Could Be Your White Knight

There is no magic bullet that takes care of all this automatically. But there is a battle plan. Experienced security personnel from Superior Business Solutions have prepared a thorough, step-by-step guide to help you properly assess risk in every area of your enterprise and take steps to minimize that risk.

This Document Security White Paper offers a detailed, step-by-step checklist that tells you where to start and whom to talk to (and in what order). It provides the difficult questions you need to ask, and the problem areas you must shore up based on what you find. It will make your document security efforts more than lip service, and help you build an effective security perimeter around the documents and data that are critical to your business; not to mention your customers’ trust in it.

Are Your Documents Sitting Ducks? The Best Defense Starts with a Download to Assess and Defend Against Potential Attacks

We often talk about our three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards, because we’re proud that our customers are happy with the results we generate. But when it comes to document security, our ISO certification might be even more relevant. It demonstrates our unfailing adherence to rigid guidelines that help ensure our own document security and customer protections.

Bottom line, we know that territory, we have experienced partners, and we understand the importance of document security. Now that you understand the threats as well, download our document security white paper today. It’s your first, best step toward peace of mind for you and frustration for those who would attempt to harm your business through counterfeiting or other document-focused attacks.

I know document security seems like a big job. It is. But it’s an important one. And you won’t find a better partner to help you through it.

Yes, the process will involve asking (and being asked) tough questions. But just remember that it could spare you from being asked the toughest question of all: “How did you let this happen?

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