That “Humility” Thing Helps Here, Too

In Tuesday’s post, I discussed how to be a good boss and how good leaders are humble and be the ones who help your company achieve its goals. That’s what matters most, to you and to us. Our primary goal, with print management and the other services we offer, is to help your business function more effectively. Today I’d like to pass along another way humility helps make that happen: resolving workplace conflicts.

As we saw Tuesday, a humble leader creates an atmosphere where everyone feels their opinions matter and receives credit for their accomplishments. That, alone, tends to minimize conflicts. But workplace tension is inevitable, and not even always a bad thing, as long as it is managed properly.

Disagreement Can Be Healthy

First of all, a humble boss understands that his or her way is not always the best, and encourages employees to offer their ideas. That, alone, can spur comment and debate – far more than an authoritarian “my way or the highway” environment. But that’s where positive, business-energizing ideas may well surface.

Managing that situation properly can move the business ahead. But failing to deal with interpersonal problems or frustrations can lay landmines that will impede the progress you are hoping for. What do you do when you, as a humble boss, has created a welcoming, respectful workplace where teamwork is valued, and conflicts still arise?

How to Maintain and Restore Good Chemistry

In doing further research following Tuesday’s post, I came across good information on this. While angry or unhappy people can present a challenge, it is once again the humble boss that wields the best tools for dealing with them. In part two of this post, I will share some thoughts I’ve pulled together on 7 steps to take that will come in handy for you, as a humble boss, when dealing with employee conflict.

Getting Back to Business

These 7 steps might help you return to full efficiency, without stifling your employees’ willingness to think and speak freely and come up with new ideas. And if you’re a fan of new ideas, you’ve come to the right place today. We started giving businesses new ideas for efficiency nearly 100 years ago.  Since then our ISO 9001:2015 certification confirms our commitment to excellence.

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