What’s Wrong? Too Long!

There’s a good reason many people dread meetings at work. While it is necessary at times to meet as a group to touch base and collaborate, meetings can get in the way of productive work. That’s mostly because they usually take up more time than necessary.

That’s a point well made in this article from Time Management Ninja.

Now we are not talking about special virtual events that have CLEAR expectations of lasting, in some cases, an entire exciting day. We are referring to the mundane meetings required for planning to get things done.

Many companies routinely schedule meetings for an hour or more whether or not that time is really needed.

And they never end early, because late arrivals, unproductive chatter and the introduction of unrelated topics cause them to expand to fill the time allotted.

An Hour MAX, with Expectations

A related article from the same source offers these suggestions for shortening meetings.

  1. Schedule shorter meetings

Try 30 minutes. It’s easier on schedules and suggests a focused discussion.

  1. Expect everyone to come prepared

Make sure all attendees have done any necessary reading or research beforehand.

  1. Start on time

Don’t wait for stragglers. It respects everyone’s time and helps break bad habits.

  1. End on time

A “hard” stop prevents monologues from monopolizers and builds respect for meetings.

  1. Resist “topic creep.”

Keep the discussion centered on the reason for the meeting.

These policies will make your meetings far more efficient while leaving more time for your people to get back to their other responsibilities.

Efficiency: Superior is All About It

Efficiency is our reason for being. We were founded on it in 1924 when we introduced the use of that cutting-edge technology (at the time) carbon paper to sales books. That saved sales reps major time in the field, only having to write an order once.

They used that time to see more customers, make more money, and enjoy more time at home with their families when the day was done.

That innovation set the tone.

Building Business Efficiency Ever Since

But we didn’t stop there, of course. That laser focus on efficiency has continued ever since. We quickly became known for maximizing the efficiency of the printing process.

With our network of nearly 2,000 printing plants across the country, we are able to offer print management and procurement for both printed materials and promotional products.

We’ve developed holistic print supply chain solutions that automate the process from design, planning and procurement to production, printing and fulfillment.

Our advanced technologies make all that possible through a centralized online portal, accessed by selected employees in different departments, facilities and business units across your enterprise.

Efficiency Meets Adaptability

Our expertise extends to all marketing platforms and technologies. We not only deliver in all traditional print media, we harness and incorporate new technologies as they emerge.

Our experience in integrating digital components like SEO, web and app development and more produces campaigns that are larger than the sum of their parts. In other words—efficiency.

Our track record also breeds client confidence. Our ISO certification both requires and reflects our commitment to a consistent client-centered effort. Our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards are proof that our effort pays off for those clients.

And stay tuned for an announcement about our 5th Best of Print and Digital win.

Isn’t It Time for a (Short) Meeting?

Today more than ever, efficiency is the major key to running a profitable business.

Contact Superior or reach out to your Superior sales rep and ask for a free consult.

Together we can explore technologies to increase efficiencies and save time and money in your workday.

We don’t use carbon paper anymore. But we do still use the same innovative thinking and customer-first focus that has made us (and our clients) successful for nearly 100 years.

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