Special Gifts for Special People

Well, we’re quickly approaching the end of “what a year!” And, as I’ve mentioned in this space before, it’s a more important year than ever to remember your clients, prospects and key employees with holiday promotional gifts.

But what about those most important people you want to remember?

What about the client that’s been loyal, well, forever? Or the prospect you are hoping to add to that list next year? And don’t forget those trusted employees that form the heart and soul of your company?

Promotional Gifts Just for Them…Just in the (St.) Nick of Time

There are so many people who deserve something special, right? This list is for you…to properly thank them.

Every year, we write about some truly remarkable and luxurious gifts. The most-wanted gifts from the most-wanted brands.

With help from our partners at Premco this year, we’ve put together a list of gifts that will truly make (and leave) an impression. And best of all, there’s still time to order them, and we can help further by shipping them for you.

Terrific…and Timely

We’ve chosen this year’s gifts from three categories that most people have come to prize during 2020.

  • Health. A pretty obvious one. People now recognize the importance of maintaining their health, and would love well-known brands they trust to help them do it.
  • Home. You know the place. But it’s more than just where we work from now. We have more appreciation than ever for the comforts it holds.
  • Adventure. Folks are done with shutdowns and lockdowns, and want to get back out there! We’ve got gifts that are perfect travel companions for when they do.

Just look at these wonderful options, and imagine how grateful you’d be to receive them. And imagine those very-important people feeling that way about you!

  1. The Best is Yeti to Come

YETI customized promotional gifts

Put your branding on soft-side and hard coolers, mugs and other drinkware from the prized name in the industry. A source of pride and performance from the daily commute to the 7-day wilderness trek.

  1. Instant (Pot) Impact


The #1 pressure cooker in America, and already a legend. Lots of models, lots of capabilities. There’s a reason Instant Pot® is already a legend!

  1. Nespresso Yourself Tastefully


You won’t find a higher-quality coffee experience for home or office. “Freshly brewed” never meant so much. True coffee connoisseurs know the name—and the marvelous coffee flavors and drinks it can create.

  1. Molekule – a Breath of Fresh (Pure) Air

molekule-luxe-promotional-giftsWho wouldn’t delight in a product that can help free your home (or office) from viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold and many other threats? Help protect the health of their families, and you can bet they’ll remember you positively for it.

  1. GoPro – a Gift That Steals the Scene

gopro-luxe-promotional-giftsThey’ve been used to shoot famous scenes in Hollywood films and YouTube videos that have been shared millions of times. Whether your special recipients enjoy a creative boost or family memories that last a lifetime – you’ll have their eternal gratitude.

  1. PhoneSoap – Power In, Germs Out

phonesoap-promotional-giftsA perfect gift for today. A range of products that quickly disinfect cell phones, tablets and other small objects. Some models charge the device while disinfecting. With PhoneSoap, they’ll think of you every time they use their clean phone.

  1. The North Face – Peak Apparel Performance

the-north-face-luxe-promotional-giftsJackets, vests, backpacks and more, all designed to deliver under the most trying conditions. Adventures are about challenges – and they’re more fun when your apparel is up it.  The North Face is known for it.

  1. Smartwool – A Material Difference in Gear to GO

smartwool-luxe-promotional-giftsMerino wool makes all the difference. Smartwool offers wearables like pullovers, vests, gloves and other garments that help you take the elements by surprise. Feels great on the skin, and stands up to inclement weather.

  1. Jansport Puts Strong Relationships in the Bag

Jansport-luxe-promotional-gifts-logoDurable and stylish backpacks that are a hit with students, employees and executives alike. A range of choices are available with laptop sleeves and other features. Plenty of fabric and color choices. A daily reminder of your thoughtfulness.

These are special gifts, indeed. And we can imprint your logo on them, regardless of the quantity.

A Superior Relationship Can Build Yours

For promotional gifts and almost any other business need, look to Superior.

With nearly 100 years’ experience and a deep list of trusted suppliers, we can help you with better ideas, and back them with better follow-through.

We’ve earned four straight Best of Print and Digital awards, based only on reviews from our customers.

ISO certification also helps make us a partner you can trust.

Contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant right now for help choosing from the best holiday promotional gifts of 2020. Don’t leave it to luck. Go for the luxe.

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