Fill and Protect the Packages You Ship with Efficiency

I’d be willing to bet that virtually everyone reading this is shipping more items today than they were three years ago. It’s due to a combination of factors including the dramatic growth in e-commerce and even the COVID-10 pandemic. And it has dramatic implications for most companies, many of whom are in desperate need of help with their print supply chain.

According to the Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index the number of parcels shipped globally reached 87 billion in 2018, and is projected to grow to 200 billion by 2025.

Your company may well be a part of that dramatic rise shipping products, promotional items, proposal packets, and more.

If so, I’d imagine you would be interested in ways to add efficiency and save money on shipping.

So today I’m sharing a great product idea for you that will help you ship more efficiently, effectively and economically.

Kraft Void Fill Packaging Rolls

Before you can ship an item (whether it’s a product, promo item or whatever) you have to pack it.

And that means, of course, you need a way to secure the product inside its packaging for safe shipment.

For years, that meant you had to deal with materials like bubble wrap, packing “peanuts” or other fillers which can be expensive and not environmentally friendly. But now, you have an environmentally friendly opportunity to ship products safely, ave money and promote your business all at once with Kraft Void Fill Packaging Rolls.

Filling You in on a Great Shipping Secret

Kraft Void Fill Packaging Roll Sheets are an extremely efficient way to fill excess space inside boxes. They do an effective job of helping you avoid product shifting and breakage. That, in turn, helps you avoid costly returns and disappointed customers.

It’s available in a variety of materials, including brown recycled Kraft paper and newsprint, which are both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Kraft Void Fill Roll Sheets are available in several weights and colors (the line is expanding rapidly, so ask for the latest offerings).

We can suggest the perfect paper to save money on your shipping activity.

You can also make packing sheets act as brand-builders, too,  by putting your company logo on the paper at a very reasonable price. That way the paper supports the product and your business at the same time.

Our roll stock includes engineering papers as well, for printing engineering and architectural documents easily. Several sizes and paper grades are available.

Making You More Efficient – That’s How WE Roll!

We have been making businesses more efficient for nearly 100 years. And we’ve been pleasing our customers just as long. Our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards are the latest evidence, as they are based only on feedback from our customers.

We also carry ISO certification, an extra assurance of our focus on customer satisfaction.

Contact Superior or ask your Superior sales consultant for helpful ways to save on your shipping costs with Kraft Void Fill packaging and more. We’re used to saving you money. But it’s actually pretty rare for us to think inside the box to do it!

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