Selling print is not going to get easier. You can’t change this highly competitive market or the scourge of digital advertising that’s plaguing many printers. What you can control is how you approach your own sales and marketing strategy.  If you feel like you are stuck below are some tacitcs to help you create a stronger sales strategy and get some energy back into your game!

  • People who ask themselves “active” questions on a regular basis have reported more happiness and productivity. Some good questions to keep your mind fresh are, “Do I do my best with each customer?”, “Did I do my best to understand their needs?”, “How can I make the process more pleasant?” These questions will challenge you to think outside the box and improve your tactics on a regular basis.
  • Print Sales StrategyGreat change comes from intentional behavior and constant questioning as I stated above. Make sure you remind yourself of what your personal mission is each day. This should include satisfying your customers because great sales work is about helping customers achieve their goals.  The more you make it about them, the more effective you’ll be.
  • Have you not seen a big sale in a while?  It’s time to start thinking bigger.  Expand your vision of what’s possible by forcing yourself to think bigger and better. Challenge the people around you as well to think outside the box.
  • People who make genuine, positive changes in their lives have three things in common.  One is the courage to look inside themselves and change.  The second is humility. Don’t act like you are perfect, there is always room for improvement.  The third is discipline.  It takes discipline to be tenacious, to constantly come back to something, to follow up, to keep working on it.

What other tips would you put out there for print sales reps out there?

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