The One to COUNT On for Anything You Put INK On

Lots of companies toss out the word “best” in their promotional materials. In most cases, it’s puffery. In OUR case, it’s fact. And you and your company will benefit from trusting your printing services to a proven winner.

Our recent Best of Print & Digital award ranks us among the very best printing service providers in the United States.  That’s proof. And it is our fifth consecutive Best of Print & Digital award. That’s a track record.

It Means a Lot to Us…

Naturally, we’re proud of the achievement. But that’s not just because of the “bragging rights” it gives us.  best_of_print_and_digital_winner_quote_betty_jo

We’re most proud because the award is based totally on the objective reviews our customers gave us when surveyed by an outside research firm.

The award confirms that our top-rated customer service efforts are paying off. My grandfather started this company in 1924 to deliver that kind of help to businesses. And it feels great to be winning awards for it almost 100 years later.

…but It Means Even More to You

Our experience means more than a good feeling to you, however.

We can make your life easier by taking the stress out of your workday.

And we can flat-out save your company money.

Since we’re talking “proof points” today, here are just a few:

  1. Managing Your Supply Chain

We have an incredible nationwide network of print providers and an unequaled wealth of experience. Those two things give us a unique ability to find the perfect match of quality, cost, and timing to meet your needs perfectly.

That means you and your people get lots of time back in the workday. No need for your people to venture into unfamiliar territory to find and evaluate print providers, follow a project through to prevent errors, and see that it is distributed properly We do all that.best_of_print_and_digital_winner_quote_Julie_l

  1. Corporate Kiosk™

This one is like a headache remedy for your business.

If you’ve ever experienced inconsistency in your print materials, either in the quality of those materials or in keeping them supplied, you know how costly and irritating that can be.

Corporate Kiosk is a very popular Superior product. It is an online portal through which designated employees can access a virtual “warehouse” of pre-approved printed materials and promotional items, order them and have them sent wherever they are needed. It works across your enterprise, no matter how many different facilities, locations, and people you have.


That saves you money by saving employees’ time and preventing rogue, over-budget ordering by people unnecessarily reinventing a potentially costly wheel. And by streamlining the process, your people get exactly what they need “just in time” without you having to store loads of materials “just in case.”

  1. The Company Store

Think “Corporate Kiosk” that includes a full selection of company-branded apparel and promotional items.

These can be for employees, or to be used by employees as mailers, leave-behinds, and other business-building tools to use with key clients and prospects.

Don’t forget, promotional items are the best form of advertising you can use. (Both research and our experience confirm that.)  best_of_print_and_digital_winner_quote_rosie_h

Here again, you control the items involved, so your creativity is reflected and the item quality is assured.

And you control the costs, with the exceptional pricing our vast network of providers enables you to get.

That “Our People’ Thing….

It’s almost a cliché that companies talk about how good their people are. But we humbly point you to the comments from our customers. It means more when they tell you how good our people are. (Just check out the direct quotes scattered around this post.)


We have inside and outside customer service reps that take you from the first contact through the delivery of your project.

They make it their project, too, and the results show.

Bottom line, when you need something printed, there is no better resource to have in your corner than Superior sales reps.

We Make It About You

And that’s whoever “you” are – in any industry from automotive and manufacturing to banking and financial services (or anything in between), we will make a difference for you.

Our uncommon-in-the-industry ISO certification ensures that our customer service practices are geared to deliver results in every situation.

And our services aren’t just ‘local’ – we work with those industries in virtually every state in the country, as well as Mexico and Canada. There is no limit to our efficiency or our geography.

Contact Superior or reach out to your Superior sales rep and ask for a print supply chain audit. Sure, it will feel good to know you are working with the best. But it will feel even better when your business grows as a result.

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