See How Printing Is Handled at Today’s Successful Companies with Managed Print Services

You can find many definitions online for managed print services. Some of them come from a very limited perspective, as if maintaining a few printers and copy machines were all you had to worry about. But what are managed print services and does your business need them? When the term is used by a provider with deep experience and advanced technologies ready to serve you, it becomes a very significant issue. And all you need to really know is that it is about taking control of your printing to save time and money.

What Kind of “Print” Do Managed Print Services Include?

Pretty much all of it. And that’s saying a lot. Think about how much print your company really generates. Start with those document piles at the printer, but think bigger: statements and invoices, sales kits and other materials for sales personnel, proposals, reports, estimates, sales sheets, catalogs, fliers, newsletters, direct mail and other marketing materials. I could probably fill the page, but that’s a good start.

How Do Managed Print Services Save Time?

Think about the hours you spend creating all those things. Chances are that on many of them, you start from scratch each time. And even simple reorders can become tricky when new people are involved or changes are necessary. Think of the many employees (maybe even you) who have no printing experience, but must devote significant time planning a piece or form. Then they must find possible printers, get bids, choose the “best” vendor, and manage a process that is foreign to them.

So how do you save time with managed print services? First, the process standardizes all forms, and makes reorders available as necessary through an online portal. You decide which people from which offices may do so. This saves time. Your people can do the jobs you hired them for, because the hunting and quality control is already done. At Superior Business Solutions, our Corporate Kiosk™ e-Procurement technology gives you supply, purchase, procurement and fulfillment in one high-speed package.

For bigger digital and litho print projects, print experts handle the process: planning, sourcing, assigning and delivering the job. Our E(c3) Print Management e-sourcing platform locates the best fit and lowest cost from among over 2000 pre-qualified vendors. You get the best results and the best deal. (By the way, this also works perfectly for procurement of promotional products, too.)

How Do Managed Print Services Save Money?

First, you save money by not wasting all those employee hours we mentioned earlier. In addition, you can control costs. Without untrained people making potentially unwise decisions,  you can better project costs and eliminate expensive errors. No “make-good” reprints, and no “rush” scenarios that always add expense. Your accounting department will appreciate that. And your bottom line will show the difference.

Do Managed Print Services Work If I Have Multiple Locations?

If you have multiple locations, facilities, offices, etc., then managed print services are a virtual necessity! How better can you ensure that people scattered throughout your enterprise remain on that cliche’d “same page” when it comes to printing? They order from the same menu. And further, they are able to edit the areas you have designated when customization to those offices or locations is needed.

You can’t be everywhere, of course—but your materials can present the same consistent story and quality everywhere. Companies with many offices to coordinate are the first to praise the technologies and services we have provided.

Do Superior’s Managed Print Services Come Recommended?

We recently received a 2017 Best of Print and Digital award based on the responses of our customers. That’s a terrific honor, of course. For even more evidence, consider this. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification means that our systems and business practices adhere to very demanding standards for accuracy, customer accountability and much more.

Take control of your printing, your employee’s time and your budget with Superior Business Solutions’ managed print services. Contact Superior today.

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