Commercial Print Management Case Study

Print Management Case Study - Rentokil

Rentokil North America
A Division of Rentokil Initial plc (LON: RTO),
World’s Largest Pest Control Company

Lines of Business

  • Pest Control Services
  • Interior Landscapes
  • Chemical Distribution
  • Lake Management
  • Food Safety & Brand Standards
  • Vector Disease Control


Although Rentokil had e-procurement technology and third-party print production and inventory management services in place, they recognized there were “bugs in the system” and were looking for opportunities to streamline procurement, improve efficiencies, optimize inventory, and control costs.

Audit Findings

Rentokil engaged Superior Business Solutions to conduct an audit of procurement processes, technologies, spend, inventory control, and reporting. Audit results revealed inventory management and control concerns including overstocked items, redundant and duplicate items, obsolete materials, and reporting inaccuracies that were negatively impacting costs. Pricing and costs for warehousing and storefront operations lacked details and the desired transparency for spend oversight. The e-store features and web services were insufficient to facilitate timely updates, help with brand control, or help offset the workload of an extremely busy marketing department.


Superior Business Solutions developed a custom, easy-to-use, dynamic Rentokil web portal hosted on our Corporate Kiosk platform to deliver a unified ordering experience. Online ordering access is controlled across the enterprise ecosystem by brand and approved system users for print, promotional items, and print-on- demand products—ensuring compliance with both Rentokil corporate purchasing rules and multiple brand identity and graphics standards. Workflow automation software streamlines the ordering process and expedites order fulfillment.

We deployed our proprietary print and promotional warehousing and inventory best practices model in our dedicated warehouse operations for Rentokil to manage and control inventory. Live, on-demand inventory reporting as well as reports for low and zero-usage inventory are delivered monthly. Detailed, transparent reporting provides clear, concise information for thorough spend oversight and cost allocation across the enterprise.

We assigned a dedicated customer service team and a team support group to manage our day-to-day business operations for Rentokil. We also meet quarterly with Rentokil’s marketing leadership to analyze and review systems and operations performance to identify continuous improvement opportunities.


  • Streamlined Inventory Management
  • Virtually Eliminated Overstock, Redundant, and Obsolete inventory
  • Increased Working Capital
  • Reduced Warehousing Costs
  • $325,000 Annual Print Savings