Here’s How We Delivered 7,000,000 NIOSH-Approved N95 and 
FDA-authorized Non-NIOSH Respirators

On Thursday, I told the story of Superior stepping up to meet a critical need in Michigan. Other companies declined the request, and others were unable to deliver. That’s how we became the state’s large-scale supplier for N95 respirators (and other respirators authorized by the FDA).

Today, as promised, I’d like to take you through the process a little bit.

First, because you might find it interesting.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, because you will begin to see how our experience and expertise can make a difference for your business and all of our customers. Just as it did for “Pure Michigan.”

Performance – the Product of Solid Processes

There’s a reason we earned respect and public praise from our governor and were spotlighted in local media.

And it’s not because we were lucky.

We often mention our ISO certification, which holds us to demanding customer service practices when serving our customers. Those and similar procedures enabled us to deliver the critical PPE for Michigan on this project. Let’s look at three important areas.

  1. Factory Selection

Some companies select their vendors based on promises. We base ours on proven performance and documentable excellence. We review each factory’s registrations, manufacturing, quality assurance and product certifications and then seek independent, third-party verifications.

We also inspect their raw materials, inventory levels, and purchase orders to help ensure that factory will be able to fulfill the production contract.

In the case of these critical respirators, we realized that good intentions won’t protect anyone.

Good products delivered on time would.

  1. Direct Contracting

Ads often suggest you “eliminate the middle man”.  We knew that doing so would be essential in this case. So we arranged to contract with—and pay—the factory directly.

That way, no agents, brokers or other “middlemen” were in a position to interfere with the exchange of funds.

Likewise, they could not in any way slow or obstruct the delivery of the finished product.

  1. Verification and Assurance on the Back End

When it’s time for the product to leave the factory, we follow this rigid checklist:

  • Witness and document the loading of the shipping container (with a written and photographic record) and register its identification information.
  • We ensure the goods are correct as contracted by opening and inspecting a random selection of cartons, product packaging, and labeling – including examining individual products—as they are loaded.
  • As the container is closed, we witness and record its information and security-seal lock the doors.
  • We witness the container’s transfer to the shipping company.
  • Finally, we ensure that security-sealed shipping is maintained to the final destination.

Frankly, we were proud to be able to help our home in its efforts to help protect state residents. But I can honestly say that exceptional customer service is in our DNA. That certainly gave us a leg up on delivering when others couldn’t.

What Could Your Company Do with That Kind of Support?

If you’re not familiar with the whole story, check and download our our proven N95 supplier case study.

I think the results provide a little glimpse of sunshine peeking through this long, pandemic-induced cloud.

We’ve been a part of thousands of terrific stories in the course of our nearly 100 years’ experience.

We were founded on the ability to help businesses work more efficiently.

And we’re still doing that to this day, as shown by our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards, given to us based on positive reviews from our customers.

We’re here for any kind of print management and promotional product needs your business might have. And certainly,  if you have N95 respirator or other PPE needs, contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant today.

It was great to play a small role in saving lives in Michigan.

But our experience can help breathe new life into your business, too.

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