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Last week I featured the five most popular posts in our #THRIVE15 series. It was good to revisit those because they contained plenty of useful perspectives and suggestions on work, life, and helping the two co-exist more smoothly.

Today, I’ve gathered the top ten posts overall for 2015. It’s been quite a year for those of us in the printing and promotional industry. I saw plenty to be very encouraged about: ways to get printed products more effectively, and use them more efficiently through technology and smart thinking, evidence that people still prefer print to electronic reading, the rebirth of direct mail, and a renewed interest in the powerful potential of magazines. Positive news is there, you just have to look.

Top 10 Superior Posts of 2015

#10  Here’s How We Reduced Lost Income For Fresh Express with a Custom Label Solution

This post was actually written by Janice Maher, a marketing specialist at Superior Business Solutions and one of our top sales reps. Sure, it toots our horn a little bit, but it’s a great example of how our creativity and printing expertise led to a label solution that helped a major national client.

#9  How to Simplify Commodity Management with Corporate Kiosk and Promoplace Technologies – Part 1

This March post talks about how the best approach to meeting printing and promotional product needs isn’t merely about the products, but the process (and technology) you use to get them.

#8 It’s All About Direct Mail – Infographic

You don’t hear much about “junk mail” these days. I think it’s because the electronic overload people experience today from unsolicited emails, texts, and social media make  “hold-it-in-your-hand” printed pieces a lot more interesting. A great infographic tells the story.

#7  5 Unique Ways to Use 3D Printing for Small Business

You hear a lot about 3-D printing, but often it sounds like some space age technology with no relevance to you. This post helps by offering some very tangible ways this new development can help your company, without a big investment or advanced technical training. All you really need to know about it (after reading this post) is our phone number!

#6  Paper Wins This “Screen Test”…What This Means For Marketing

With the amount of time people spend looking at cell phones and tablets these days, you’d think “on the screen” is where it’s at. But research shows that where people want it to be, even today, is in their hands, on a printed page.

#5  Top 10 Trade Shows In The United States for the Manufacturing Industry

If you’re in the manufacturing industry, make sure you check out this post from May. It offers a brief take on the ten best trade shows to attend to make sure you are up to date and taking advantage of the latest developments in areas like efficiency, security and more.

 #4  The “Paperless” Workplace. Not as Green as You Think?

Will that “paperless workplace” ever really take over? Who knows. But this post from July delivers some very interesting information about just how environmentally-friendly those workplaces would really be (or not).  Think about millions of old electronic devices in landfills, and the substantial energy it takes to manufacture, ship, install, and use that equipment. Paper, in contrast, comes from a very renewable and sustainable resource.

#3  Look Alive! Print Sure Does

A wonderful dose of positive news and perspective from August. This post talks about several ventures that are investing in new, beautiful high-quality magazines to merchandise their products. Why? Because those products look better there than on some TV across the room or a tiny cell phone screen.

#2  Is Standard Register Going Out of Business?

In early March, I passed along some unpleasant developments concerning this large and legendary company, involved in many business sectors including print and promotional products. While many will no doubt see it as another negative signal for the printing industry, this post explains why that may be an unfair and inaccurate conclusion.

#1  Sad News To Report As Standard Register Files For Bankruptcy

A week later, this post confirmed the Standard Register bankruptcy. But it also speaks very candidly in pointing out important and specific differences between that company’s business model and the way we operate at Superior Business Solutions. I think it’s a very important post to read if only to increase your knowledge of things in the printing industry – and why Superior Business Solutions is built and positioned to thrive long into the future.

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