How We Supplied 7 Million NIOSHI-approved N95 and FDA-authorized Non-NIOSHI Respirators When Others Failed – Case Study

PPE. N95. Respirators. These terms were unfamiliar to most Americans not long ago. But they have dominated the media as healthcare systems, first responders and critical caregivers struggled to get an adequate supply.

But those in Michigan also became very familiar with one company that stepped up to source and deliver a reliable, consistent supply of those respirators to critical workers in the state.

That company? Superior Business Solutions.

Experience: A Competitive Edge for Your Supply Chain

The State of Michigan was competing with other states and national healthcare systems, federal agencies, even other countries in attempting to acquire the personal protective equipment needed to protect its state’s citizens.

It made a smart decision.

Knowing the experience, resources and expertise of Superior, the State of Michigan engaged us to source large quantities of PPE – in particular, N95 NIOSH-approved respirators.

We’ve done exactly that.

And on Tuesday, I will explain more specifically how we successfully met that responsibility – and do so on other requests from clients every day.

Coming Through with N95 Respirators in a Crisis

Many companies were unable to commit to meeting this need.

Still others took on the job, but were ultimately unable to deliver.

By simple contrast, Superior delivered in a huge way, with:

  • 7 million NIOSHI-approved N95 and FDA-authorized non-NIOSHI respirators
  • 22 different production contracts fulfilled
  • NO factory-cancelled production contracts
  • 100% of delivered products that met specifications

Again, on Tuesday I will go into some specifics as to how we are able to deliver performance like that. It was our honor to come through for the State of Michigan.

Get the Full Story

We relate this story partly in pride, of course. But we feel it is also helpful and instructional as a model of how critical needs can be met, both for governments on life-and-death matters, and for businesses whose future depends upon it.

We invite you to learn a little more with our proven N95 supplier case study.

It provides a quick look at what ISO certification can do to ensure effective processes and procedures.

And it certainly provides insight as to how Superior has earned four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards based on positive reviews from customers.

I hope you’ll stop back Tuesday for a little more of the story on how we supplied 7 million N95 respirators.

But meanwhile, contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant for all of your N95 respirator and other PPE needs.

You don’t need to be a state to earn our best efforts. Just a customer.

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