On-Demand-Print Saves Money. And Builds Business.

Last week, I wrote about the benefits of managed print services. There were many, but the one that probably captured most people’s attention was variable on-demand print. (It probably didn’t hurt that I mentioned a client who saved $1 million by using it.)

More on that example in a moment (and it’s a great one). But in my opinion, many businesses are missing big opportunities by failing to take advantage of variable print-on-demand. We have used it successfully with companies in almost any industry you can name. What does that success look like? Well, that popular phrase “follow the money” applies here. So let’s do that and look at a couple of ways print-on-demand does that.

Variable Print-On-Demand: A Lifesaver for Logistics

Many business projects require individualized materials for tracking, authorizations, record-keeping and legal compliance. Variable print-on-demand excels at this. Our million-dollar case study shows that perfectly.

On-demand print came to the rescue for a state agency responsible for licensing and tracking the trucking of certain materials. The project required the creation of a complex set of “integrated” print products. Our list of deliverables included weather-resistant truck labels, paper permits and other printed documentation, all carefully individualized and tracked accurately. Then, with the highest security protocols, it had to be distributed efficiently to authorized truckers for proper display and handling.

We sourced the project with trusted vendors whom we knew were up to meeting the challenges involved. The system worked perfectly to eliminate errors and complaints and handle all procedures smoothly. Print-on-demand capability added a level of efficiency that thrilled the client. It not only saved the agency a stunning amount of money but enabled things to happen more quickly and with minimal errors virtually no complaints from their stakeholders.

Variable Print-on-Demand: A Magnet for Marketing Success

Some companies think of marketing funds as merely an “expense.” Variable print-on-demand helps turn those dollars into strategic investments. It can make marketing vehicles more personal. Which makes them more powerful.

Marketing messages bombard your targets and prospects today. The electronic onslaught can be overwhelming. And while “hold them in your hand” printed materials are regarded more favorably, they can still be perceived as clutter if they remain generic and unfocused.

With variable print on demand, your company (and your sales reps) can move quickly beyond “one size fits all” brochures, and customize materials targeting specific prospects. Those materials can be matched to the customer’s industry, business size, or the unique “pain points” he or she is facing at the time.

 Money Saved in Many Ways with On-Demand-Print

That million-dollar example illustrates how money is saved with logistic efficiency. With a single, qualified party managing the whole print/online/distribution process, you reduce the chances of confusion or errors. Plus, of course, speed up the process, end to end.

But as a marketing tool, variable print on demand makes your sales efforts more effect, helping you pull customers through sales funnel with just the right messaging at just the right stage. You close more sales, raising the hit rate and lowering the cost per.

Savings also pile up because outdated marketing materials don’t. Why? Because you don’t have to:

  • print brochures or flyers in large quantities to get price breaks,
  • devote space to storing them, then
  • throw them out or apologize to customers for using them with incorrect or incomplete information

How (and How Much) Can YOU Save with Print-on-Demand?

Think about the possibilities. A little creativity can make a big of difference to your business. We’ve helped countless businesses use variable print on demand to their advantage. And we’d like to put that track record on the line for you.

For almost 100 years now, we have helped business operate more efficiently. And thanks to positive reviews from our customers, we’ve earned three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. Our experience certainly helps. But so does our ISO certification — because those ISO standards ensure that our commitment to serving customers never varies.

Let’s figure out how variable print on demand or one of our other advanced marketing technologies can improve your sales results . Contact Superior today. Many of our customers started their relationships with us that way, and they wound up recommending us for awards. We look forward to a partnering with you and your organization .

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