Our 3 Best Cost-Cutting MeasuresIn order to keep up with the ever-changing economy and industry, businesses must remain continuously conscious of ways they can cut unnecessary costs. For this new THRIVE post, we’ve pulled together three of the most effective ways to cut spending to help your business and save you time so that you can thrive this year, all year!

Our 3 Best Cost-Cutting Measures

1. Addressing the “Waste-Management” Solution: One of the most common ways of beating the competition and cutting expenses is through a policy of active and aggressive waste reduction. This can be best achieved with a management concept and philosophy that supports a zero waste policy called LEAN manufacturing. Lean addresses seven different wastes and seeks to limit them or eliminate them entirely wherever possible. This not only boosts the efficiency of motion and transportation, but it also increases the quality of your product, making your company more desirable in the long run to customers and clients.

2. Simplify and Streamline Your Printing: Simplicity and directness are two great ways to save costs in any industry, which is why we created E(c3) solution. This print management solution centralizes print e-sourcing and e-procurement on a platform that enables Superior Business Solutions to competitively bid and source your digital, litho, and specialty print projects to a vast supply network of pre-qualified vendors to leverage current supply and demand and lower costs. As a result, we are removing costs by simplifying and streamlining the enterprise-wide procurement process for clients and procuring the most competitive print prices.

3. Our Corporate Kiosk Solution: One of the main challenges for a centralized inventory management capability that supplies field-based operations is responding to demand in a way that satisfies the field’s need for a speedy turnaround without tying up cash in inventory. Corporate Kiosk gives you consolidated, real-time reporting of historical order activity and the ability to react quickly to new order activity. This ability not only helps fight waste, but it also makes all your employee’s time more efficient.

Corporate Kiosk is a powerful e-procurement solution with many print management benefits, so take a closer look, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to find out more about the Kiosk or our E(c3) print solution. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. You can fill out a contact form in the link above or call us at 800.968.1416.

We at Superior Business Solutions sincerely hope that this post is an effective launch pad that will help you THRIVE in 2015. Stay tuned throughout the year to hear our thoughts, hints, and reminders on how you can thrive in your personal and professional life this year. Cheers!

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