Why Managed Print Services? Part 1: They’re Smart.

Many of our clients operate small and medium-sized businesses. I admire them for their entrepreneurial spirit, and for their wisdom in working with us. I know that sounds strange and self-serving. But what I admire is that they think like executives in much larger businesses we work with. They recognize the efficiency and business-building benefits offered by managed print services.

The pressed-for-time company owner or manager will often recognize a need for a business form, printed collateral piece or promotional item at the last minute. The typical response? “Find a printer, get it done.” While that might be a logical decision, it’s a rather costly one, especially in the big picture. So in this week’s posts, I’m going to explain why a planned program with the right print management company is a better choice. And one that can literally be worth millions of dollars.

It Starts with a Mindset

Under the old “transactional” approach, companies deal with print and promotional items as “one-offs.” Here are a few ways they come up short by thinking that way:

  • Needs arise more suddenly. Without planning aimed at furthering the organization’s goals, projects are treated as fires to be put out rather than sales opportunities to be stoked.
  • They miss opportunities. Only obvious needs merit attention. Thus, no one thinks proactively about what could happen with new projects or tools, cultivating new customers or new avenues to sales.
  • They waste money. Without the benefit of foresight, there is no chance to take advantage of scheduling and cost efficiencies, so top prices are paid and “rush” risks are taken.

Managed Print Services Offer A Better Way and Better Results

With the right print management and procurement partner in place, you cultivate a relationship that pays dividends in ways you can’t even imagine if you’re stuck following old habits. You will save valuable time. You will reduce your print spend. I will provide a few examples today,  and share additional ones on Thursday.

  1. Print Supply Chain Management

Remember that “big picture” I mentioned earlier? With print supply chain management, you seize control of your year-long print and promotional activities ahead of time. That means needs don’t “sneak up on you” and cause problems.

Your experienced print partner can help you with planning and perspective. In turn, you get the best prices and the most dependable quality and service. Even more important in my view, you can take advantage of the best thinking. Today, that builds a business more effectively than anything else.

  1. Procurement Services of Business Forms

Business forms are a perfect example of how managed print services can add efficiency and save money on what many regard as “commodity” services. With new perspective, you can think of the procurement of these pieces not as tedious chores, but as opportunities to reduce costs and streamline your business. And it all integrates smoothly and easily with current processes and your electronic business components.

The list of applicable forms is almost endless. Invoices, receipts, order blanks, labels, cards, stationary are just the beginning. Further, it doesn’t involve merely the printing. An experienced partner like Superior can provide design services before, and inventory and fulfillment services afterward. That takes a lot off your shoulders and could add a lot to your bottom line.

  1. Corporate Kiosk e-Procurement Solutions

Take the efficiency and cost-savings I mentioned above, and give them even more power through Corporate Kiosk™, our advanced e-procurement technology.  We work with you to virtually “build in” the savings and efficiency in several ways.

You pre-approve all business forms and promotional item options and store them behind an online portal.  You designate employees, however many you choose and wherever they are across your enterprise, to access that portal and order materials as needed.  Accuracy and quality is standardized, and so are your costs. No unpleasant surprises in either area.

Managed Print Services: Why Manage Without Them?

Your company will gain a great deal from managed print services.  Please return Thursday when I will complete the list. And every time I mention a “qualified print management partner” I hope you will think Superior.

We’ve helped businesses work more efficiently for almost a century. Our customers have noticed and helped us earn three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards.  And we’ve earned ISO certification as well, for our customer-focused processes and service

We understand the challenges our customers face, and help provide solutions. So I don’t blame you if you don’t want to wait until Thursday’s post. Contact Superior today for more information, or a free print services audit to see what managed print services could do for your business.

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