How to Make a Custom Branded Calendar That Works for Your Business AND Your Customers and Prospects

Custom branded calendars remain one of the most popular promotional gifts a business can distribute to customers and prospects. The more pressed and over-scheduled our business and professional lives become, the more we consult our calendars every day. And it is not just the calendar on our phone or computer we look to. It is also the desk calendar from our vet’s office, or the one hanging on the wall that we look forward to receiving each year from our favorite restaurant down the street that is full of their secret recipes and event invites that connect us with our community and help us live a life well lived.

Why Calendars Work, Day In and Day Out

  • A calendar makes a LASTING impression. It lasts for a year, as a matter of fact. What other item could you give away that would command attention every single day for the next year? On the desk or on the wall, it’s always in view.
  • It’s the right gift at the right time. A calendar isn’t too specialized for a broad audience. From top execs at client companies to supply chain partners to vendors—everyone looks forward to receiving and using them. And the timing is perfect—an end-of-the-year giveaway that hits its stride immediately after the holidays. After they’ve forgotten other gifts, they start counting on yours.
  • They’re inexpensive. No matter how clever and ambitious your calendar idea is, it’s probably a lot less costly than the unimaginative gadget or giveaway you might have chosen. No matter how creative, as a printed piece a calendar is economical, easy to carry and distribute. And you can usually get them done quickly.
  • The custom possibilities are endless. This is my favorite part. There are many ways to make those calendars especially appealing to your prospects, and especially helpful in spreading the word about your business.

They’ll Count the Days Till Your Calendar Arrives

Every calendar has the same days, weeks and months to work with, of course. But the very best calendars are designed thoughtfully and creatively. A unique, interesting or beautiful calendar will have your customers and associates asking for extra copies. And they just might do some business with you just to make sure they’re on your list next year!

Here are some calendar ideas for you. I don’t claim it’s a complete list, but maybe something here will really click with you. At the very least,maybe it will spark your creativity.

  1. Let Your Customers Help Design It

Make the process interactive. Get some dialogue going; a relationship is what you want, anyway. Collect images from your clients, of their businesses, pets or hobbies. Collect pictures drawn by your clients’ children. Maybe it’s related to your industry; maybe it’s the furthest thing from it. But it will be fun … and interesting.

2. Put Something in It for Them

Maybe each month it’s a coupon or discount offer, or reminder of important dates and events in your industry. Weave in unique opportunities. Maybe July’s page includes a ticket they can cut out to attend a minor league baseball game, or play 18 holes at a local golf course. Maybe it’s a coloring contest for them or their kids.

3. Tell the Story of Your Business

The story of your business is anything but boring. Here’s your opportunity to pass along interesting facts and background about your business. Points of pride. How you started and grew, what you’ve overcome.

4. Take Orders

Here’s a quirky one: why not make each (monthly?) page an actual order form for them to use at your company? Naturally, there’s a gift or premium offered for doing so.

5. A Picture-Perfect Approach

If you have farm or agricultural clients, maybe it’s twelve beautiful farms or images of 12 important cash crops or beloved farm animals. In or near a big city? Feature the area’s pro sports teams. In the financial industry? How about beautiful photos of the currencies from 12 foreign countries?

6. Make It An Arty Artifact

Works of art make great calendar visuals. Or maybe each month is like a page in an adult coloring book. They’re very popular today, and you could provide the pencils with each calendar. You can even highlight their art on your social media. Or, make each page an origami project, to be folded into something interesting when the month is over.

A Few Final Tips

No matter what idea or design you go with, remember these helpful suggestions:

  • Make your company identification prominent on every page, not just the back. Make sure they see you when they check a date.
  • Pay attention to type fonts and color; make yourself look good wherever you show up.
  • Leave spaces on the calendar for your customers to write things on it. That makes the calendar more useful for them. Which makes it more valuable for you.
  • There many kinds of custom branded calendars available. Think about how your customers do business. Picture their situations before deciding on a desk, wall or another kind of calendar. Or maybe you want them to take it home. That will affect some of your other decisions.

Need More Ideas? Call Us.

This is just scratching the surface. I’ve got plenty of interesting ideas bouncing around in my head. And with our deep experience, we know what works and why. Contact us, and we can brainstorm some unique ideas just for your business.

If you have little time today, call anyway. We can put something on the calendar—see what I did there?—Have a great week.

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