Hold the Phone! Here’s a Great Promo Gift That Does Just That

Want to delight your clients and employees on their next Zoom? BOOM! This is the perfect promotional gift to do it. We offer thousands of terrific promotional items, but this is one that rules right now.

They say home is where the heart is. Today, home is where everything is, including many of your workers! And while they are there, so are the smartphones and tablets critical to their work and personal lives.

Today I want to show you a promo item your in-office and work-from-home employees and prospects will love.

And this promotional gift puts your company right in front of them, wherever they are. 

Holds Their Phones…and Their Affection

For convenience and efficiency, that smartphone or tablet needs to be held at an angle to avoid fatigue and neck strain. That’s true of those Zoom calls, which can be lengthy. And it’s also true for so many other situations, like following online recipes and those family “Facetime” calls.

The wonderful item combines beauty and utility.

It’s a sleek hammered aluminum phone or tablet holder that adds classic elegance as a desk or countertop accessory.

Made in America, it’s 3.5 ” x 2″ and designed to hold most smartphones and tablets for comfortable productivity.

American-Made Desktop Phone Holders with Your LogoIt Also Holds Your Branding

This unique item is handy for them, but it’s helpful for you, too. Because your logo or messaging can be hammered right onto the back of the holder.  (It can even be personalized if you like.)

By adding that logo, you remind employees that you are thinking of them and providing what they need to do their jobs effectively. And you remind clients and key prospects that you are proactively thinking of ways to help them handle their workdays more successfully.

For nearly 100 years, Superior has been working with businesses to make them (and their employees) work more efficiently. We’ve covered a lot of ground and gained plenty of experience along the way.

Our offerings include the most advanced technologies that help turn prospects into customers. But they also include personal promotional gifts like this one that can strengthen client relationships and build your employees’ loyalty to your company.

Premium Item, Premium Company

You can trust Superior to deliver the best of technologies and promotional items. We’ve just earned our fifth consecutive Best of Print and Digital award – based totally on reviews our customers provided to an independent research firm.

And one of the reasons behind that – and another reason to choose us as a partner – is our ISO certification. It ensures that nothing is left to chance and that our level of customer service is excellent and consistent.

Pick Up That Smartphone…

…and contact Superior or your five-time award-winning Superior sales rep. Ask about special sale pricing on these outstanding custom phone and tablet holders during the month of March.

They might not be delivered in time for when you put that phone down after calling us, but we’ll have them to you quickly.  You’ll just have to lean your phone against that tape dispenser or block of sticky notes just a little while longer!

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