The Right Mask Matters

If you watch the news, it seems like the issue is “mask or no mask”. But as a business owner, manager, purchasing agent, or employee, you better dig a little deeper. Because all masks are not created equal. And as a proven provider of PPE for Covid, we feel a responsibility to help you protect some important things.

  • You.
  • Your people.
  • Your customers.
  • And your business.

New face mask performance standards have been released by the American Society for Testing and Standards (ASTM). They provide guidance in terms of the materials and construction design of face masks.

Protect Against the Virus…and Faulty Masks

Inadequate masks come from a variety of sources. Some companies simply don’t know the proper factors, and simply make (and sell) what they can make easily.

Others come from more malicious beginnings.

One disturbing example: recently, the Department of Homeland Security seized 11 million counterfeit N95 masks. An official called the masks a threat to the lives of frontline healthcare workers.

And these were masks intended for savvy healthcare workers. You can imagine what they might try to pass off as guideline-compliant masks for use by factory and retail workers and customers.

Minimize Your Risk

Now that we’ve learned more about the coronavirus, we can no longer just assume that a random piece of cloth provides real protection. The stakes couldn’t be higher for everyone involved.

We need to be sure. And the best way to be sure about your masks is to be sure about your PPE provider. Superior is proud to provide that peace of mind to our customers.

Frontline workers can and do count on Superior. Ask government officials in Michigan.

Superior was able to deliver for healthcare workers in the state when so many others could not. And we are ready to do the same for your company.

We’ve become a large-scale proven supply partner for N95 respirators. And you can place that same confidence in all the PPE we source.

Trust Masks from a Trusted Provider

When you don’t (and can’t) know all the details, you need to be able to trust your PPE provider. And Superior is uniquely worthy of that trust.

Trust our 100 years’ experience in coming through for businesses in a wide range of circumstances. Depend on our ISO certification to ensure that our high standards never vary.

And you don’t win five consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards by disappointing customers. That just proves we don’t rest on our laurels. We keep earning them.


So be sure of your face masks and other PPE. Contact us or one of our award-winning sales reps today. In fact, right now, take advantage of Sale Prices on PPE at Superior.


It’s a great opportunity to get the right protection at a price that’s right for your business.



*This information, as all information on this site, does not constitute medical advice.
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