Outstanding Pandemic Protection for Construction Workers

How many good features can you build into one product? I want to focus today on an item that checks a lot of important boxes for a lot of important people: those who must work outside in hot weather during this pandemic.

This PPE for coronavirus is cool in more ways than one.

Our friends at MAX Apparel have a reputation for thoughtfully designed safety clothing that is comfortable and durable. Their new MAX143 Ice Cooling Gaiter is a great example, and it couldn’t come at a better time.

Comfort Your Crew

We all marvel when we see them: the road crews, roofers, workers at construction teams, and others who endure hot sun all day during summer and fall. Those jobs aren’t easy to begin with. Enter the concerns related to COVID-19 to add one more thing to deal with.

If you or your crew are in this category, the MAX143 Ice Cooling Gaiter is a wonderful way to respond.

It provides them the required protection to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

But it does a lot more to keep them safe and productive.

This gaiter offers high visibility with its vibrant “neon”  colors, to help alert drivers and others that there are workers present. It’s made of washable and reusable 95% polyamide/5% spandex fabric with a reflective stripe.

And here’s a really “cool” feature. Its unique design provides a refreshing and restoring dose of chill to combat the effects of heat.  Just soak for 1-2 minutes in cold water to provide cooling relief – and you can repeat as often as necessary.

Be Comfortable with Superior’s Experience

In nearly 100 years of serving businesses, Superior has plenty of experience in working with safety and HSE managers, CEO’s, and supply-chain managers.

We understand how to make their lives (and the lives of their employees and co-workers) easier, and their workdays more efficient.

Chances are very good we can do the same thing for you and your company.

We’ve proven it to so many customers, their feedback has earned us four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. And you can expect the same relentless customer service; our ISO certification ensures that we make it our top priority.

Don’t Sentence Them to Another Hot Day

Contact Superior or ask your Superior sales consultant for more information on the MAX143 Ice Cooling Gaiter with High-Visibility Protection.

Drivers will be able to see your workers more clearly. And your workers will clearly see your concern for their comfort and well-being.

*As with all information on our site, this does not constitute medical advice.
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