Millions of Stitches Per Day Makes for One Impressive Partner

You know it when you see it and feel it, embroidery just makes things more special. And you would love to add that dose of “special” to the promotional hats you hand out to clients and prospects. But one thing—make that, two things—stand in your way: price and quantity.

Those things are related, of course. Because up till now, you had to be talking a huge quantity to get a decent price on contract embroidery services.

That’s just not the case any longer.

Caps Are Cool – Embroidered Caps Are Cooler!

Once again, our vast network of suppliers pays off for you.

We have partners who have the capabilities you need to make embroidered headwear work for your promotional apparel plans. It is one of the largest embroidery operations in the country. Sure, their size makes them able to handle large orders for huge companies.

But their unique operation means that they can handle more modest quantities for not-so-big companies.

The minimum orders might surprise you (in a very positive way).

They have 500 embroidery heads running 24 hours per day, six days per week. That means millions of stitches every day–so they have the capacity to accept almost any order.

Our Contract Embroidery Service Delivers on Any Size Order!

We are delighted to work with this partner not only because they can do contract embroidery for companies of all sizes, nationwide. It’s because they deliver the same excellent customer service regardless of order size.

Just look at how they care for our customers:

  • A dedicated inside customer service rep assigned to each order
  • Can embroider any type or brand of baseball cap
  • Free spec samples
  • Free concepts in 3 days
  • Free digitizing on orders as low as 24 pieces
  • 3D embroidered headwear available

Play in the Big Leagues

With this high-quality embroidery on your caps, you may not play with the Tigers or the Yankees. But you sure can get in the game that’s been dominated by the big boys for too long. Thanks to low minimums and reasonable pricing, contract embroidery is now in your ballpark!

If you run a business, outfit your people in great looking promotional apparel that builds your brand. A beautifully embroidered cap makes a bad hair day great on all of those ZOOM calls we are on these days. Video conference calls make a perfect chance to show off your brand.

If you deal with prospects and customers, you’ve just gained a great tool for doing it well.

Research proves promotional items work. (Consumers say it’s their preferred form of advertising.) Just think how much harder those promotional caps will work when your company’s logo is embroidered onto it.

If you run an organization, it’s doubly appealing. Embroidered caps will provide an identity and team spirit you can’t get any other way. And think of the image those members will provide when wearing the caps around town.

If embroidery still doesn’t quite fit the bill for your company, we can offer plenty of other services that will help. Our screen printing capability can add great-looking graphics to a wide range of promotional apparel, such as custom company jackets and polo shirts, as well as dozens of other items.

We Understand Customer Service

We’ve been delivering an unmatched level of it to businesses for nearly 100 years now. We’ve earned five consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards strictly on the strength of great reviews from satisfied customers.

Our ISO certification keeps us on track in the ways we care for and care about customers. And those customers come from all industries and all across North America, including Mexico and Canada.

It’s no longer a question of whether or not you are big enough to take advantage of contact embroidery. Only if you’re savvy enough then contact Superior and mention this article and ask for more information on our contract embroidery services.

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