The Best Safety Clothing and Workwear That is Up to The Job

We all know those small towns in Indiana can produce some legendary basketball teams. But did you know they also produce some pretty legendary safety clothing and workwear? In 1915, Berne® Workwear was founded in tiny Berne, Indiana. Its mission was to provide Midwestern farmers with the clothing they needed to get their important work done. Clothing that was a lot like the farmers themselves: rugged and reliable.

Berne has been outfitting busy, hardworking Americans with safety clothing and workwear that lives up to those standards ever since. Berne apparel is made to to be comfortable, durable, and affordable. That’s why we’ve partnered with them to offer it to our hardworking clients.

Berne Clothing Works for More Folks Than Ever

The Berne line has expanded since 1915, of course. Berne offers safety clothing and workwear for men, women, and youth. And now, farmers aren’t the only workers who can enjoy Berne quality. If you work for a living, you’ll find clothing that will work right along with you.

The line includes Safety clothing, with items that are flame-resistant, high-visibility and more. You’ll also find Camouflage gear and CCW apparel (concealed carry workwear). Take a look at this flame resistant sampling below. The styling is obvious.

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And with a track record of over a century, you know you can trust Berne quality. But the cost of that quality is surprisingly reasonable.

It’s Easy to See For Yourself

You don’t have to take my word (or the word of our sales reps who are fans of the company) on it. We can provide any samples you need. Furthermore, we can even bring a representative from Berne right to you to make sure all your questions are answered promptly. And our relationship with Berne means you get the best possible pricing. 

Berne Workwear is an ideal promotional item, both for those inside your company and for clients and partners. It pleases the people you most want to impress. And because they’ll love it and wear it often, your logo will get exposed again and again, from the job site to casual outings with friends. Your awareness and your image will only grow.

Putting Workwear to Work for You

Why am I so sold on Berne? Well for one thing, we’ve got nearly 100 years experience ourselves, so we appreciate them knowing the same territory. We know they have the ability to repeat their success for clients over and over again. Our ISO 9001; 2015 certification proves that we follow strict standards that are designed to help us deliver that success for each and every client. Our two (update: 5 and counting) consecutive Best of Print and Digital wins is proof that we are doing exactly that.

We know that part of our success is in aligning with high-quality partners like Berne. So contact us to get your hands on (and body into) the best safety clothing and custom workwear…anywhere.

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