Keep your (drink) cool!

It all started with an “all hands on deck” broadcast. Well, it was really just a company-wide email to all our sales reps for a beverage can cooler. That email was from Superior sales representative Troy Dorstewitz, and it had an interesting subject line: Koozie Crisis – Please HELP!

Troy’s email began: “I have a customer looking for a good, mid-range neoprene promotional beverage can Koozie.” He went on to explain that his customer preferred it not to be a bulky, “stand-up” one, but thicker than the 5 mm neoprene koozie Troy had first proposed. His email continued, “any inside scoop on a custom logo koozie you’ve sold before and can recommend?”

Soon after he hit send, the Superior sales team came to the rescue. One sales rep quickly responded with her top pick for a better than standard collapsible koozie and added that that it offered some fun colors, trims and customizing options. She shared with everyone on the email that she had sold plenty of this specific Koozie for boat manufacturer programs.

Keeping Cans Cold—and Clients Happy

Like many on our team, this sales rep has extensive experience and knowledge with a vary of promotional items. This sales success story—among many others—is a great indication of how we work as a company, and how you can always find the best koozie or any promotional item you are in need of.

We’ve got an experienced, winning team of inside customer service people and outside sales reps whose main mission is to make you a more-than-satisfied customer. They’ll all work together directly with and for you. That can mean helping you with ideas and making the best choice from among nearly 2,000 qualified vendors.

We will find you the perfect item with the quality you need at the price you can afford, every single time.

Go Ahead and “Koozie” Up To Us

That’s why we’ve earned three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards based on feedback from our customers.  Our ISO certification means that our systems and procedures are locked in to serve customers. But personally, I think that attitude is in our DNA anyway.

So if you have a need to slip-on the best neoprene Koozie for your event as a giveaway or for your online company store for employees, contact Superior for a promotional product management review. We’ll meet any-and-all specifications that or for any other promotional marketing item you can think of (or dream up, for that matter)

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