Things are going great, business is humming along. Time to ease back on marketing a bit? Nope. When things are going well, it’s tempting to relax a little, but the truth is it’s the perfect time to dial things up a little. Especially if you do it with promotional products marketing. Here’s why.

The American Specialty Institute (ASI) recently released the results of its 2019 Global Impressions Survey. It presents several very important findings about how promotional products are welcomed, used, kept, and displayed by recipients. They show promotional products are an outstanding choice whether the business climate is sunny or rainy—and I’m not talking only about promotional umbrellas!

Helping Good Business Get Even Better

It’s all about momentum. When you are enjoying a business uptick or growth spurt, promotional marketing is the perfect call. It will help you extend that positive cycle as long as possible and generate the best sales results from it. So when things do slow down—as they inevitably will—you’ll have already planted the seeds to get through the downturn and be ready for the next recovery with plenty of branded promotional products in customers’ hands.

When business is good, branding is “top of mind” to more people than ever. For a reasonable cost, promotional products can put your company name in front of hundreds or thousands of potential customers. So in a time when they are ready to buy, they will be familiar with your brand. Further, promotional products can help cement long-term relationships with those customers you are now doing business. They turn simple transactions into long-term relationships.

And you should always be at the ready with a clear plan—not on paper, but—in place. Having a custom online company store for employees and the marketers in your company is a sure way to stay on top of things and not fall behinds when things are humming along.

Promotional Products Promote Good Will (and Profits)

I love this graphic from ASI’s 2016 survey. This “word cloud” shows how survey respondents said that receiving a promotional product made them feel. The bigger the word, the more prevalent the response.

do people like promotional products


I can’t imagine a better result from any advertising effort than making your potential customers “feel good.” How often does a TV commercial make you feel good?

How to Build a Booming Business

The ASI survey presented several other findings that reinforce just how big an impact promotional products can have on your customers and your company. Here are just a few:

  1. The average household in the U.S. owns 30 promotional items. That’s the number for millennials as well. And Gen X-ers average even more: 34. Consumers love, keep, and remember promotional items. Promotional items are like I said before, planting seeds that take root with your target audience for your company.
  1. Worldwide, 85% of survey respondents said they remember the names of companies that gave them promotional items. That name recognition will blossom and pay dividends for years.
  1. Promotional items are kept, on average, more than a year. They will still be sending out positive messaging about your company for months or years, depending upon the item. Great if your business stays hot—and a comforting customer reminder if it cools off.

If Your Business Is Performing Well, Give It a Promotion

If your business is performing well, give it a promotion…or more specifically, a promotional product. We would love to share our ideas on how promotional marketing can help owners and managers capitalize on positive business results. We’ve been helping businesses “work smart” for nearly 100 years.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification is your assurance that our programs deliver results. And our customers have named us Best of Print and Digital for two consecutive years, stay tuned for news on our three-peat.

Make sure that the eyes of your key prospects and customers will be squarely on your company throughout its highs and lows a business can experience.

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