Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

Ever been in a marketing planning meeting and someone throws out the line … “Maybe we should come up with something to hand out at the show.” Well, grab some coffee and sit down, because there’s plenty wrong with it and is a mistake just waiting to happen.

The most obvious one is that whoever delivers a line like this obviously has no plan in place for promotional marketing. We see that mistake repeatedly and it costs companies a great deal of time and money. The first issue is “maybe.” Decisions should be made with a long-term perspective for an overall plan. Effective promotional marketing takes more than just handing out trinkets, you are moving potential customers toward a sale. “Maybe” you should think about that. A good promotional and print management plan will help you know a good idea from a bad one.

A Promotional Marketing Plan Will Tell You What

There are a variety of occasions and reasons to use promotional products. If it serves a real marketing purpose, the choice of which promotional product to select becomes easier. Think of how it can be useful and memorable. It needs to not only carry your branding but also reinforce your marketing message to prospects and customers. That means you should choose something that coincides with your marketing message, or an item that has been proven popular with the demographic you are targeting. Here at Superior, we have experience to find those items and meet those expectations. Because with hundreds quality vendors in our network, we can offer you plenty of creative ideas and dependable follow-through. That means your items or marketing kit will be where it needs to be when it needs to be to accomplish your objectives.

Promotional Products People Want

People love good promotional swag while at trade shows and events, they are perfect environments for handing out well-received promotional products as long as it has some upfront potential interest. This is all part of a coordinated promotional marketing and print management plan, you will uncover valuable opportunities to enhance your marketing effort.

A coordinated program of direct mail, events, customer appointment materials and more will generate a better return than random, spur-of-the-moment efforts. That’s another place where Superior’s unmatched expertise can make an important difference for your company.

STOP Making These Costly Mistakes with Your Promo Today

If your business is still purchasing promo on a one-off basis, you could be waiting too long to buy what you need and experiencing difficulties with brand consistency. When purchasing across multiple locations you’re most likely wasting precious time and money. For instance when you have an online company store for employees and events, you’ll already have many options and examples for a concise strategy for you to follow. If you don’t, now is the best time to change that.

After almost 100 years in business, we know a thing or two about running a business efficiently. We’ve earned three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards, and have ISO certification to make sure every customer benefits from our proven practices.

Reach out right now for a promotional product audit and get the help you need to run your business more efficiently. No “maybe” about it.

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