How to Select Promotional Products that Work for Your Brand

Guest Post by Superior Business Solutions Marketing Specialist 

keysHave you ever been at the local coffee shop and noticed a person’s shirt because of the logo? Have you ever been in line at the grocery store and the person’s recyclable bag at check out caught your eye? Or better yet, have you ever been at your kid’s soccer game and your phone dies and you need a charger and the parent next to you just happens to have a portable charger for you to use, and you see a company logo on it and wonder what they do? Well, I have! (The last example just happened!)

Promotional products are a great way to create brand awareness. The key is to make sure you’re selecting the right product to put your logo on. You don’t want to select the wrong type of product or a product that breaks easily. When looking to select a promotional product to give out, you need to be able to answer the basics: Who, Where, When, Why, What and Budget!

6 Keys to Selecting the Right Promotional Products for Your Brand

  1. Who will be receiving this item? – Will these go in the hands of your customers? In your customer’s customers’? Employees? Prospects? Maybe it is all of the above.
  2. Where will these be handed out? – Will you give these out at trade shows to targeted industries? Is it to a general audience? As a thank you? As a prospecting campaign tool?
  3. When will these be given out? – Do you need to consider the time of year? Does the product correspond with other events such as the Baseball or Football season? Or will the event you are attending be held at a certain time of day you need to consider?
  4. Why are you handing these items out? – Are these for a trade show(s)? For a meeting? For general hand out? Are you expecting these to help you generate leads? Or close business?
  5. What type of product do you have in mind? – Do you want something people will where? Or something that they will possibility use every day, special occasions, outdoor use, or at work.
  6. Budget – What type of budget do you have? How many do you need? Are these going to be used for a certain event or should these last you for the year?

A Couple More Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Promotional Product Purchases…

Having answers to the above questions, or at least some of them, can help you greatly when you’re ready to buy your next branded promotional items. Answering these questions will also help you when you sit down and work with a marketing specialist from Superior like myself to come up with real ideas that fit within your wants, needs and budget. We can also give you suggestions on what promotional products are trending and popular based on your industry and target audience.

Another tip I always give my customers is to make sure to request a sample. Give yourself enough time in the process to see a sample. It is important to give out branded products that are quality no matter what your budget!

What About Inventory Management?

One last thing to consider about your promotional products is how you will manage the inventory, storage and fulfillment of your promotional items. I recommend utilizing Corporate Kiosk which requires no new capital expenditures and can be customized for your company to assist you in managing your assets and your budget.

I would also like to invite you to visit our company store promotional productsCorporate Kiosk page on our website to learn more or better yet explore what items are available. Remember to always be strategic about getting noticed and check back next week for part 2 in my two part series on How to Make Promotional Products Work for Your Brand where I will talk about how you can use promotional products to spark interest in your brand.

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