How To Engage Your Customers and Create Brand Advocates with QR CodesHow to Easily Generate QR Codes for Marketing to Create Brand Advocates

You’ve probably seen QR Codes in magazine ads or on pamphlets. Increasingly, they are showing up on business cards and marketing collateral. Even in email. When your customers scan these codes with their smartphone cameras, something interactive happens. They are taken to a website. Or they might access a coupon, event or sweepstakes. They could even see a video.

The QR Code has the unique ability to send someone who scans straight to a landing page your business set up and has waiting for arrivals. It’s a great way to engage your customers because they can come to your site almost anywhere. They act as an immediate response mechanism for all your corporate identity materials.

People don’t need to wait until they get home or back to the office. They can access the content right where they are.

How Can QR Codes Create Brand Advocates?

With the development and proliferation of smartphones, QR Codes have become easier to use as a marketing tool. You still have to convince the customer to scan, but there are many options available for you to get them there, such as placing them on a piece of direct mail or magazine advertisement.

Once the customer scans, the chances are high for them to then go and share what they found. The QR Code puts the discovery in the hands of the customer. If your landing page or video interests them, they are more likely to share it with friends because they feel that they’ve gone out and found something on their own.

Customers are much more likely to share something they found and still have up on their phone than they are likely to share the piece of mail you gave them. Try it and find out!

How to Easily Create Your Own QR Codes

We make creating your own QR Codes easy with our QR Code maker. The possibilities are endless; you can even put QR Codes on promo items. And the best news is that QR Codes are completely free. You just need the URL you want customers to land on. If you have any question please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

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