We Rely on Their Care…Show Them WE Care!

We’ve been living with this pandemic for more than a year now, and the experience has made us appreciate things we may have taken for granted. Right at the top of that list are medical professionals. So today’s post is a timely reminder that May 6-12 is National Nurses Week.

Nurses have always deserved our deep gratitude for providing medical expertise that helps us get better and empathetic care that makes us feel better. Doesn’t that merit a “thank you”?

Today I’d like to show you a selection of promotional items that will help your company demonstrate its appreciation to nurses for all they do.

Show Your Support

The items I will show you today are a perfect way that hospitals and doctors’ offices can show nurses how much they are valued. But any company would do well to step forward and thank the nurses in their communities. Your logo on the items sends a powerful message.

In today’s challenging healthcare environment, the nurses will be grateful to you for the recognition. And in the process, your customers, prospects, and business associates will give you plenty of credit for the gesture.

That promotional item is “saying” what a thankful community is thinking.

There is value even beyond the PR effect. According to research from the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), promotional items are the most well-received form of advertising. They are welcomed, not tolerated, or deleted. Your company will be remembered and appreciated for the thought.

Six Ways to Celebrate Nurses

Here are several ways to recognize their care by showing them that you do.


  1. Spot Pro Device Finder

A busy nurse will never misplace keys, a smartphone or other devices again!

The Spot Pro uses Bluetooth 4.0® technology to keep track of up to four important items through a free app available for your IOS or Android devices.

“Find”  mode sounds an alarm to help you locate misplaced devices. “Tether” mode sends an alert before you leave so you don’t forget important items. Comes with a faux leather strap and a round metal carabiner.

  1. Custom 120-piece Puzzle

Nurses need a break – and this compact jigsaw puzzle will make it a fun one.

Create an image appropriate to your industry or company, and add a tasteful logo or message.

Then turn it into a puzzle. your company and turn it into a puzzle.

They’ll spend lots of enjoyable time with your brand. And that reminder of your company isn’t sidelight – it’s their whole focus as they work! The puzzle comes in an attractive gift box with magnetic flap closure.

  1. TouchFind Key Finder and Touch-free Tool

Nurses know better than anyone how to avoid spreading germs, so they’ll appreciate the TouchFind.

Use it to open doors and push buttons on keypads, elevators, crosswalk signals, and more without your hands ever touching them.

The TouchFind also offers Bluetooth® 4.0 tracking with two two-way modes. “Find” mode will sound an alarm to help you locate linked devices. “Tether” mode sends an alert before you leave so you don’t leave those important devices behind. Works with a free app for your IOS or Android phone.

  1. ClutchSlide

Makes life easier for nurses (or anyone else. Gives your smartphone extra utility by carrying up to three essential cards, such as ID, credit cards, or hotel room keys. Built-in RFID data-shielding technology protects contactless chip cards.

The cardholder slides on and off easily for wireless phone charging. The adhesive slide plate remains attached but can be removed with no sticky residue. Comes with an elastic phone strap for easy holding and a fold-out stand to support the phone for hands-free viewing.

  1. KolorKit

A wonderful gift to relieve stress and spark the creativity of overworked nurses.

Includes fully-customized covers inside and out, and sixteen coloring pages (stock or customized for your company, if desired.)

Also includes six colored pencils and handsome booklet packaging.

A great item to demonstrate your company’s personality, and bring hours of fun and fulfillment to the nurses you want to celebrate.

  1. “YourKit”

Okay, that’s not actually the name of it. Because with this option, you make it totally your own through promotional kitting. This option allows you to totally customize the selection of items.

Your choices can reflect the unique nature of your business and a creative expression of your appreciation for the important people who will receive it. We are a leading provider of promotional kitting and would be happy to use our experience to help you select memorable items your recipients will really appreciate.

National Nurses Week is Soon. Here’s Your ‘Call Button”

We’re not nurses, but we are pretty good at caring for our customers. We have ISO certification that holds us to high customer service standards. And we recently won a fifth consecutive Best of Print and Digital award thanks to the kind feedback provided by our customers.

So contact your five-time award-winning Superior sales rep or reach out to Superior directly for help in choosing a meaningful promotional gift for the nurses who mean a great deal to us and to our communities.

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