It Won’t Happen Without the Best Promotional Partner

I’m willing to bet you don’t describe your business as the “same as the other guys.” You have worked hard to give your business a distinct, unique persona that makes you stand out from competitors. Your story is different. And, bottom line, the promotional items you give to prospects should reflect that difference.

But how do you do that in an area where so many promo providers think of them simply ‘freebies’ or giveaways with your logo on them? You need to partner with a team that has the experience, creativity, and marketing smarts to help your business succeed.

Your Choose-a-Partner Checklist

How can you tell if your promotional marketing partner is qualified to provide real assistance in finding the best promotional gifts for your prospects, printed materials, and other important business components? Here’s what to look for:

  1. ISO certification

Perhaps you’ve heard of it, but don’t really know much about it. ISO certification is your assurance that your partner follows proven practices and procedures with every customer. And that those processes are constructed entirely around providing the best customer results. A partner is either ISO, or just “so-so.” Of course, I’m prejudiced. We’re ISO certified.

  1. Proven Results

You can’t afford to risk your business success on someone who merely talks a good game. Ask people who’ve worked with them. In our case, it’s even easier. We’ve been selected for three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards based on feedback from our customers.

“Accurate, fast and always willing to work with you.”

~ Joan M.

  1. Longevity

Experience isn’t the only thing, but it sure helps. In our case, we were founded on the principle of making businesses work more efficiently back in 1924. That’s a lot of valuable experience. And it’s a lot of happy customers along the way, or we wouldn’t be here.

  1. A Company Store?

Some partners can even help you set up a “company store.” You pre-select the right products or forms. Designated employees (across multiple locations, if you have them) can order what they need from that list through an online portal. The right materials, at the right price. Budget or quality concerns are eliminated.

The “What’s In It For You,” Checklist

But let’s get back to my opening issue: promotional items chosen specifically for your business and your company’s objectives. By choosing the right partner—one that meets the standards above—here’s what you can look forward to:

  1. Smarter Choices

There are literally thousands of choices when you need to select a promotional item for prospects. If you’re into novelty things, sure, we have them. But once we understand your business, your prospects, and your intended objectives for a promotion, we can help you choose more wisely. So your promotion works better.

Maybe it’s an item that reinforces your industry. (For music industry people, a guitar-shaped USB drive is more helpful than a handy all-in-one screwdriver set. For another audience perhaps the opposite is true.) We know which items work, where, and with whom.

  1. Added Efficiency

This one’s easy. More expertise in your corner, from product choice to fulfillment logistics. We can get the job done better and faster. With our Corporate Kiosk™ e-procurement technology, the process almost runs itself.

  1. Saving Money

This happens in several ways. Our huge list of qualified vendor resources means we can find the best deal on quality items. That also helps minimize costly and disappointing delays, since we pick the vendor that can best meet your schedule. And think of the employee hours you won’t be wasting as they try to handle promotional and print projects for which they have little or no training.

  1. An Actual Plan

I’ve seen scores of businesses miss opportunities because they only think about promo products when they suddenly need one for a trade show or other event. That’s more than disruptive—it just doesn’t work very well and the budget suffers. A partner like Superior can integrate promotional products where appropriate within your bigger marketing picture; items chosen to bring out that uniqueness that sets your business apart, at just the right times to maximize their impact.

Last Checklist: What to Do Next

This one’s easy:

  1. Contact Superior today

With nearly one hundred years of experience, ISO certification, and award-winning customer satisfaction, there’s no real reason to look anywhere else. So let’s get started today. Finding the best promotional gifts for your prospects is just one important part of building your business. And frankly, we’re pretty good at that.

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