A Great Relationship is in the Bag (or Box)

Even though today’s post is about promotional kitting, I’m going to start with a dramatic statement that I don’t think anyone will disagree with. That’s because you know it’s true. And you learned it when you were about three years old, on Christmas morning or at a birthday party. Okay, ready? Here it comes:

It’s more fun to get more gifts.

And if you don’t recognize what that means for your business, you’re missing out on an emerging trend that is turning prospects into customers for plenty of other businesses. It’s promotional kitting, and smart companies from market leaders to innovative start-ups are enjoying great results.

What is Promotional “Kitting” Exactly?

The ones with most to gain from today’s post might not know what I’m talking about, so I’d better explain just exactly what promotional kitting is. Kitting involves putting together a bundle, or a gift set, or simply a group of items to use as a gift.

This time of year, it could be a holiday “thank-you” for customers and/or employees. But the same principle applies in many other situations, like a “swag bag” for event attendees or a promotional give-away to key prospects on sales calls or at trade shows.

Why the Promotional Kit is IT in Marketing Today

First, it’s important to remember that consumers of all ages rank promotional items as the most effective form of advertising. So they are a great business investment in the first place. But these days, more than ever, standing out is important. So instead of a boring, typical item, make it a unique kit. Why are they so appealing?  Here are three great reasons. And the first one might sound familiar.

  1. It’s more fun to get more gifts.

Get back in touch with your inner 3-year-old again. If one promo item is fun to receive, two or three are even better and more memorable. (And, uh, that’s the real point, isn’t it?)

  1. The items are well chosen.

In putting together your promotional kit, you won’t choose ‘random’ items. You select them carefully to relate to one another, or to tell a story, or to reflect the uniqueness of your industry. And you choose items for your kit that will create meaningful connections with your recipients. Your kit shows, on some level, that you understand what matters to the recipient, and are skilled and knowledgeable about those things. In a way, those items are selling you! And we can help you choose the products that accomplish that.

  1. It shows thought and care.

Kitting demonstrates that you are willing to put some creativity and personal effort into choosing a holiday gift. It goes beyond picking a generic item at the last minute and sticking your logo on it. It far surpasses the mind-numbing sameness of “doing what we always do.”

This has a double advantage. Not only does the recipient feel more valued because of the extra thought “spent” on him or her. It also says plenty about the company itself; it suggests a level of innovative thinking and extra effort that comes in handy on projects and service, too.


We Are Great Kitting Collaborators

Whether you are new to kitting or not, you won’t find a better resource than Superior. You are certainly welcome to browse items for your kit through our PromoPlace. But our award-winning sales reps have a great deal of experience that translates into time and money saved. (Not to mention the great ideas and suggestions they can offer based on that experience.)

And you don’t have to worry about dealing with preparing the kits or storing the materials to use in them. We offer complete fulfillment services, including warehousing and shipping. That means you don’t need space before, you don’t need personnel to do the job, and you don’t have a mess to clean up afterward.

You Must Be Kitting

(If you want to build your business, that is.) Imagine your most important customers and prospects delighted to receive a carefully chosen group of items, with your logo prominently featured on the customized box or container and every item in it. That’s how to make a lasting positive impression.

That’s the kind of impression we make on our customers, too. They provided the positive feedback that has earned us three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards.  And our ISO certification impresses upon us the importance of delivering excellent and consistent customer service.

The holidays are coming around, of course. But strengthening customer and prospect relationships is a good plan any time of year. Get in touch with your sales rep or contact us today. Find out how promotional kitting can be the perfect gift for both your customers and your business.

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