When You Have Print Supply Chain Management, They Won’t Say “Boo”

Sorry for the attempt at Halloween humor. But the spooky season does give me a chance to talk about a frightful mistake many companies are still making with their print management and procurement practices. They may be masters of efficiency in most of the obvious areas. But they deal with print projects and promotional product needs as an endless series of one-offs.

I hope you’re not one of those companies, but it’s great timing if you are. Because this post contains a real treat in the form of advice. Strategize and leverage your print and promotional product efforts with supply chain management. You will enjoy cost savings and more efficient employee time usage in the process. Not to mention better results, period.

Print Supply Chain Links to Success

What do you get by partnering with a quality print and promotional product manager like Superior? Well, some benefits are rather apparent. You get a trusted partner in the loop; one who can sift through thousands of authenticated print and promotional product vendors to get you the best deal and the best product. But the benefits go far beyond that. Here are a few others:

  • End-to-end Efficiency

It’s not about printing a brochure or choosing a trade show freebie. It’s a long-term look at your situation. What you’ve been doing, and perhaps what you ought to be doing. Our holistic supply chain management solutions align and automate the process from design, planning, and procurement to production, printing and fulfillment.

  • Corporate Kiosk™

Our automated E-procurement technology is another step toward maximizing your efficiency. Business forms, brochures, sell sheets, labels, and other frequently used items. The right versions are determined and posted in advance. Then, any employee you authorize, on any campus and in any facility can access those items as needed. No price surprises, no delivery issues, and no quality concerns.

  • Every Department Benefits with Print Management

A well-managed print supply chain saves enormous time for every department. Marketing and sales (with business forms and presentations at the ready) are on the front lines, and very supportive. The accounting staff will appreciate that costs are controlled, without expensive price variances.

On the warehouse floor, visual management tools acquired through Superior can help maintain a safe and efficient environment that supports best practices of Six Sigma and LEAN manufacturing.

  • Creativity and Strategic Thinking

When you partner with Superior, you gain the benefits of 95 years of experience in printing and promotional products. We know what works, so we can help you choose an item that is perfect for your situation. Ideas are one of our biggest strengths.

The scope is up to you. We integrate and consolidate print and promotional product procurement for a single department, for multiple business units or enterprise-wide. And we integrate it smoothly into your current processes without disruption and downtime.

Call in a Specialist

Bottom line—we know what we’re doing. (That tends to happen when you’ve helped businesses become more efficient for nearly 100 years.) We’re proud of our ideas, but perhaps even more proud of configuring end-to-end procurement, inventory management, ordering and fulfillment, and other functions. You know – that “supply chain’ again.

Remember, earlier I talked about choosing a partner like Superior? That was kind of a “trick” in honor of the season. I really can’t think of another partner with the experience and insights we can offer. We also have ISO certification that ensures we provide customers exceptional service.

We’ve also earned three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards based customer feedback. Contact Superior to get things going with a free supply chain management audit. It might be the start of a supply chain process that will make your company the envy of your competitors. Without it, hey—you don’t have a ghost of a chance.

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