Combine Visual Management Tools with Supply Chain Management Technology for 5S and LEAN Manufacturing Success

In my last post I talked about addressing the 7 wastes identified in LEAN Manufacturing. Today I want to talk about 5S methodology and LEAN implementation with visual management tools and supply chain management technologies.

LEAN manufacturing and 5S methodology focus more than anything upon eliminating any obstructions, physical or procedural, from a manufacturing or other process. It also calls for every workplace to be designed (or redesigned) to foster maximum productivity. It also attempts to ensure that every process occurring in that workplace is simple, streamlined and easily repeatable. For example:

  • Fewer steps in a process are better than more. With proper planning, some can be combined, others eliminated.
  • A shorter distance for materials or workers to travel is better than a longer one. A business that understands this will study workflow patterns and rearrange or reposition equipment and redirect processes to happen as smoothly as possible.
  • Every employee must understand the operation and how each task must be performed the one correct way, regardless of who is doing it. This is where the value of visual management tools becomes obvious.


A Visible Difference in Supply Chain Management

LEAN Manufacturing and 5S methodology require that employees interact smoothly and efficiently, and perform their tasks in a planned, specific way. To put it in a more contemporary way, everyone must be “on the same page.”

This is where LEAN visual management tools take on such a critical role. Instructions, symbols, labels, signage and other in-facility markings direct traffic, identify work and storage zones, and help reinforce safety practices and guidelines. Therefore, they must be absolutely clear and unambiguous.

Superior Business Solutions partners with Orgatex, an industry leader in providing visual management solutions for nearly half a century. As a result, we are able to provide printed labels, signage, floor graphics, and an almost unlimited array of workplace display items that help our customers make LEAN happen.

You also get the added benefit of using our supply chain management solutions like Corporate Kiosk to get those printed visual management tools adding an even greater benefit to your LEAN manufacturing and 5S success.

The Graphics—and the Benefits—Are Easy to See

Visual management solutions from Superior contribute to LEAN manufacturing and 5S methodology in many ways. Let’s look at just a few:

  • Maintaining Productive Workflow. They reinforce production goals with visual cues at key points along the way. This helps workers know just how to maintain optimal workflow and hit key productivity objectives.
  • Reducing Maintenance Demands. Floor markings are bold and visible, so they command attention instantly. Our quality materials make them more durable and resistant to shop traffic and forklift damage. Proprietary adhesives make changes neat and easy if removal is necessary.
  • Eliminating the Need for Lamination. Lamination takes time and costs money. Our magnetic windows and floor and hanging signs protect standard printed documents effectively. As a result, you can communicate instructions, process changes and other types of information quickly without a delay for lamination.

Signs Point to Superior… for 5S and LEAN Manufacturing Success, Combine Visual Management Tools with Supply Chain Management Solutions

Visual management covers plenty of territory. Whether your business needs lines and arrows on the shop floor, overhead directional signage, or holders for production instructions that change shift-to-shift, we are your best resource. Our expertise in visual management and our full range of supply chain management technologies will help your business LEAN in the right direction in no time.

For almost 100 years we have been helping clients save time and money by increasing efficiencies and decreasing waste. Please feel free to contact me or reach out to one of our sales reps to see how our solutions can help you and your business.

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