To Win Big, You’ve Got to Give A Little….Promotional Gift!

Are your marketing efforts constantly in flux as you juggle ads, social media, and Google SEO activity? I’m going to cut to the chase today.

If promotional items aren’t a big part of those plans, you are making a big mistake. And I’m going to show you a flock of “little” promotional items that will do your business more good than any of those other things.

Proven to Profit

It’s more than my opinion. Research conducted for the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) indicates that promotional items are the form of advertising most appreciated by consumers, and most likely to generate a positive response.

In fact, ASI research has shown that consumers are more likely to do business with a company that has given them a promotional item.

And with the number of times promotional items are used, seen, and seen again by others, they generate an incredible number of impressions, for a terrific ROI That’s especially true of the items I’m showing you today.

We work with a terrific partner that offers these great items at excellent pricing, and they can be drop-shipped for extra efficiency for corporate events and marketing uses to your facilities and clients no matter where they are.

Custom Items Are Small but Mighty…Effective

These inexpensive but useful attention-getters really pack a punch. Their bright colors and durable finish preserve your image for a long time to come. Let’s start with ten custom-shaped products—with no die charges.

  1. Wine Glass Charms with Logo

CUSTOMIZED WINE GLASS CHARMS Makes the chardonnay more charming, and the merlot (and your business) more memorable. A full-color single or double-sided domed imprint attaches easily to the stem.

  1. Customized Key Chains

CUSTOMIZED PROMOTIONAL KEY CHAINS Could be the key to staying top-of-mind with your prospects. Full-color single or double-sided domed imprint on a nickel-plated chain with a 1” ring.

  1. Magnetic Custom Logo’d Pins

customized MAGNETIC PINS (Super Strength) Your logo goes wear-ever! Super strong magnetic pins hold fast on the heaviest jackets. Features a full-color domed imprint facing. Will NOT damage clothing.

  1. Magnetic Memo Holders

customized MAGNETIC MEMO HOLDERS (Super Strength) Keep your company’s name handy and helpful. Holds up to 10 sheets of paper to metal objects. Full-color domed imprint (again, in any shape and size with no die charges).

  1. Customized Zipper Pulls

customized logo ZIPPER PULLS Perfect for jackets, backpacks, wallets—anything with a zipper. They’ll see your name and logo many times each day! Features a full-color domed imprint.

  1. Custom Ball Chain Necklace/Pendant

BALL CHAIN NECKLACE with Pendant_MedallionA good way to commemorate events and festivals or recognize special associates. Your logo will “hang around” for years, and look great doing it! Features a single or double-sided full-color domed imprint.

  1. Holiday Ornaments

customized promotional HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS (Shatterproof) A great promotional gift any time of year; or get a jump on the holiday season. Flattened shatter-proof design with gold or silver string. An inexpensive gift, or a great enhancement to other gifts; use them as bottle hangers or gift bag tags. Full-color imprint embedded for protection, so your brand will reappear year after year.

  1. Logo’d Lapel Pins

customized LAPEL PINS Keeps your company identity right upfront and visible. Perfect for clubs and organizations. Full-color domed imprint with butterfly clutch.

  1. Domed Decals

DOMED DECALS Permanent and Repositionable Adhesive Almost unlimited ways to use them. Full-color UV-resistant domed imprints are designed to withstand severe indoor or outdoor environments. Available with permanent or repositionable adhesive that adheres to plastic, metal or glass.

  1. Write-On and Promo Magnetic Badges

customized WRITE ON AND PROMO MAGNETIC BADGESYou DO need THESE working badges! Full-color domed imprint and strong clothing-safe magnets on both. Write-on badges designed for use with dry-erase markers for easy re-use. Also work well with clear labels (not included).

Standard Shapes, with Better-Than-Standard Results

Our partner also offers unique items that come in standard shapes and sizes. No artwork or set-up charges, and no cost for imprints or 3-D doming.

  1. Guitar Picks

customized GUITAR PICKSNo more humdrum strumming. Single-sided full color translucent imprint embedded inside. That means it can be seen from both sides, and will never wear off or fade. Better for tone and durability.

  1. Magnetic Golf Ball Markers with Logo

customized MAGNETIC GOLF BALL MARKERSMake your brand stand out on the green. Great for golf outings and to commemorate events and memberships. Nickel-plated ¾’ or 1” diameter metal markers feature full-color domed imprint.

  1. Badge (Pull) Reels

BADGE (PULL) REELS (1-3_16”)Perfect for keys and badges and great for applications in the security and hospitality industries. Black plastic casing with 1 3/16”-diameter full-color domed imprint area. Clear vinyl strap snap and 30” long nylon cord. (Also available with black braided lanyard cord.)

  1. Dog Tags

customized DOG TAGSVersatile (“message medals)” with no metal or aluminum content. Single or double-sided full-color 1.2” x 2” domed imprint. Choose Ball Chain Necklace, Zipper Pull or Key Chain attachment.

  1. Metal Coins/Card Covers/Spinners

customized METAL COINS _ CARD COVERS _ SPINNERSWhat happens in Vegas? These versatile items do! Nickel-plated metal coins and spinners are often used as card covers in gaming applications. But they are also great pieces for recognition, awards and commemorating events.

 Special Benefits Make Them Even Better

Our partner calls it “No Surprise Pricing.” That’s because all the items on this page are available with no set-up or costs for full-color imprints and no die charges even for custom shapes. And FREE virtual samples can be created online.

Production is quick, as little as five days. And as mentioned earlier, the item pricing is exceptional.

So many products, so many uses, and so many reasons to jump on this one right now.

Time to Make a Little Noise with Small Items

We think these items can help move your business forward.  Why?

  • We’ve been helping businesses operate more efficiently for nearly 100 years
  • Our ISO certification holds us to demanding customer service standards
  • Our four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards based on customer feedback…stay tuned for an announcement about our 5th consecutive win!

Contact Superior or reach out to your Superior sales rep today.

We’ll show you how you can use little promotional items to make a big impact on your business.

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