Give Your Daily Specials SPECIAL Treatment with The LiteWriter Sign!

It’s a sign. It’s a light. It’s a customer-attention-grabber. And it’s available at an incredible price for such an exciting product!

The LiteWriter display rotates through the color spectrum. The halo effect around the beveled edge is constantly changing. Your hand-written message changes color, too, keeping everyone’s attention on it. The header graphic provides a bold, backlit image.

And you create the messages, changing them easily as often as you choose. Just wipe clean with a wet cloth and buff with a dry one. The header graphic is backlit for a terrific look.

The LiteWriter sign is a great tool to demonstrate your creativity—and boost your profitability.

Captivate Your Customers

It provides a dramatic flair for all the wonderful things it can promote in a retail setting, like:

  • the Beer of the Day for a microbrewery
  • the Flavor of the Day for an ice cream shop
  • the Soup (or Special) of the Day for a restaurant
  • Service specials at an auto repair business

Perk up Your Employees

The LiteWriter is also a unique addition in other settings, such as offices and manufacturing plants, as it can highlight:

  • the number of days without an accident
  • the Employee of the Month
  • birthdays and personal celebrations
  • important company events and deadlines
  • productivity achievements

A Great Deal…and a Great Deal You Can DO with It

There are so many outstanding ways to use this handy sign, and at such an affordable price. The kit includes all hardware. The acrylic plastic sign can be mounted on a wall, hung in a window or displayed on a counter.

It comes with your desired header graphic already installed and includes a marker for writing your messages. The LiteWriter is built to last; hardware is warranted for one year.

Signs…of Superior Excellence

You can trust the sales-builders we recommend; we’ve been helping businesses for nearly 100 years now and have experience in every area you can imagine. Our ISO certification is unique in the industry.

We’ve also earned five – yes FIVE – consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. That’s now one of those self-made praise awards many industries create. These are based entirely on reviews our customers gave us when asked by an independent testing service.

Order LiteWriter Right Now

Reach out to your five-time award-winning Superior sales rep or contact Superior directly through the “About Us” and “Contact Us” links at the top of this page. Simply tell them you want to order the LiteWriter.

Then, have fun with it. Draw on it. Write on it.

And count on it to be a sign of success for your business.

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