PRINT on it?  COUNT on it – with Pad Printing

Marketing is all about making an impression. Creating a memorable experience with customers and prospects. Wouldn’t it be great to do that by giving out unique, high-end, brand-name merchandise with your company logo on it? Read on. We can help you imprint your logo on almost anything, regardless of size, shape, angles, surfaces, and materials, thanks to pad printing. More on that in a moment.

More typical promotional items are often designed for easy imprinting and large-quantity distribution. But to really stand out, there is no substitute for gifting special customers and prospects with the highest quality items, adorned with your corporate identity.


Think golf clubs. (New high-tech drivers for select clients at that exclusive golf outing?) Drones. Drum sets. Basketballs. Tablet computers and other state-of-the-art electronic items from the most iconic manufacturers. (Wouldn’t that empower and engage your sales force at the annual meeting?) And best of all, you can do it without the minimum quantities that can often derail marketers’ plans.

Get Your Ideas on the Launching “Pad”

Rack Room Shoes pad printed promotional gift Basketball

Pad printing is a modern technique that allows for the imprinting of unique items with multiple shapes and angles and on an almost unlimited variety of materials. It’s a fascinating process that is difficult to describe, but I’ll try.

The image area is etched into a plate which is then flooded with ink. The surface is cleaned, leaving ink only in the image area. Physical changes to the ink make it ready to adhere when transferred to a contoured pad on contact. As that pad is then held over the substrate (the item to be imprinted), the ink undergoes changes making it more “sticky.” When pressed against the item, it loses any adhesion to the pad, leaving the pad ink-free and ready for another pass.

Trust Our Experience and Our Partners

We’ve been helping businesses succeed for nearly 100 years. We have developed demanding standards for the partners and vendors with whom we work. (There are nearly 2,000 qualified suppliers in our network, for a resource pool you won’t find anywhere else.)

There are several good “pad printers” with whom we could work. All can print on items you purchase and send to them. But our primary pad printing partner is the only one in the country who specializes in printing on very high-end merchandise but without minimum quantity requirements. The unmatched skill set also comes in handy with surfaces that are especially tough to print, or when there is a desire for unique enhancements, such as translucent inks visible only under LED light.

sample of specialty inks with pad printing on award

Pad Printing with Superior

If you are looking to print on the highest-quality merchandise, it’s best to go with the highest-quality print partner. Our experience is difficult to top, and it’s also hard to ignore the reviews from our customers, which recently earned us a fourth consecutive Best of Print and Digital award.


Our ISO certification is another “reason to believe.” But the best way to be sure is to contact us yourself and learn not just to find out where your logo can go, but where your business can go.



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