What He Can’t “Deliver” Is Service

Perhaps you’ve seen the news: FedEx is getting into the promotional products business. At first, we thought it was a joke. They do a great job of getting a package from here to there. But anyone who thinks that’s all that matters for promotional items doesn’t know promotional items.

What this means, basically, is that FedEx is now the primary delivery service for a promo firm in Texas. Order something from FedEx, they call their guy, who digs around, finds your item, and ships it.

What’s missing in this arrangement?  Plenty.

The Value of Knowledge and Experience in Promo Items.

In our nearly 100 years of helping businesses of all sizes get things done, we’ve learned a great deal about what businesses really need. And we’ve learned that a promotional item is more than a T-shirt, flash drive, or coffee mug.

It’s also a lead generator. A relationship strengthener. A customer thank-you.  An employee pride-demonstrator. Or one of a dozen other things that go far beyond what that item IS, and recognizes what that item means.

Do you really think FedEx understands that?

The Value of Customer Care and Follow-Through in Promo Items.

If all you want is a load of trinkets, their system might be enough. That inside sales rep at a single promo firm might be able to fill your order. But you get a lot more than that with a real promotional product partner – at least with the one I know best.  (Spoiler alert: it’s Superior.)

We provide you that inside sales rep, but also an “outside” sales rep who functions more like a member of your team than ours. He or she delivers service that adds incredible value.

Those outside reps are strictly there to make sure your order goes smoothly. They make sure there are no problems along the way with the product or the process. And they stay on top of the order from the time you place it to the time you receive it (and after)

Only Superior Delivers the Whole Package

There are plenty of other advantages to working with a premier promotional products company. At Superior, we know all the products available, with an unmatched network of national and international resources.

We also offer the expertise to help you come up with creative and innovative ideas. And we can develop totally custom products to meet your unique needs. Want a few more things you can only get with our level of expertise?

A Company Store

We can help you create your own Company Store. This allows your employees to access apparel and other items with your branding. This makes it easy for them to demonstrate their pride and commitment to your organization.

There’s no capital expense since items are provided “on demand.” And the technology behind it provides another huge boost to your business.

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Corporate Kiosk™

With Corporate Kiosk, our advanced e-procurement technology, you pre-approve promotional items (and printed promotional pieces) that designated employees across your entire enterprise can access through an online portal.

This prevents rogue ordering, ensures consistency and helps control costs. Perhaps best of all, it allows your employees to do what you hired them to do instead of dealing with an unfamiliar and uncomfortable task.

Why You Should Absolutely, Positively Contact Us

When you know what’s important in a promotional products partner, you probably aren’t interested in FedEx’s new side business.

Superior, for example, can offer five consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards.

“Joan Weitzel and Bob Bunny are exceptional business partners. Their efficiency at turning around recommendations and thoughtfulness when making their recommendations are the exception vs. the rule in this space.” – Julie L.

That means that, when our customers were asked about us by an objective research firm, they provided glowing reviews. Many of them praised their Superior outside service reps. (You know, those people FedEx doesn’t have to watch out for your interests.)

“Reps Lisa and Angie are extremely easy to work with and are always very responsive and diligent in sourcing any supply I request.” – Nicole P.

Why not let Superior do a promotional item audit for you, to make sure you are getting the best products at the best pricing? Just contact us (or one of our award-winning sales reps) using the links in the menus at the top of this page.

When your business objectives call for a promotional product, pick the partner who knows how to deliver profits instead of just packages.

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