Promotional Kitting Creates a Memorable Connection to Build Sales

In a recent post, I talked about the value of promotional kitting. (Why give those important people one promotional gift when a thoughtfully designed kit or bundle can delight them with multiple items?) Today, I’d like to begin a two-post series on a special opportunity to do just that. I’ll get to that in a second.

Building relationships builds sales. And those relationships, whether with clients, prospects or employees, get stronger when your gifts create a “passion space.” That happens when your gift is more personal and shows an extra level of care and planning. Promotional kitting does that exceptionally well.

We have partnered with Origuadio to provide unbelievable pricing on 36 promotional kits that are certain to build a special bond with those most valuable recipients. These kits and bundles you can pick up with a 5-day turnaround and a minimum purchase of only one. So today, I’d like to highlight a few that really caught my attention. 

Three Incredible Promotional Kitting Options

All 36 Origuadio kits are terrific and we will get to those later. But let’s look at three that I think will have a tremendous and meaningful impact on the right recipient. (Oh, and while you “ooh” and “aah” remember there is a minimum purchase of only one required– and with a five-day turnaround from California!)

  1. The Welcome Kit








This promotional kit is high-tech with high-touch! It starts with a great-looking Penryn Pack™ custom-color cut-and-sewn backpack. And inside are:

  • Beebop wireless headphones
  • An Evry power bank/charging station,
  • An Argonot MFI-certified cord with MicroUSB
  • And a Ringr smartphone multi-tool.

What a great welcome gift for a new employee! (Imagine finding it on your desk on your first day with a nice note!) New employees will feel grateful and motivated about your company and ready to get to work. Also great for that active, travel-minded client, too. And they’ll think of you every time they use it.

  1. The Eureka Kit™ Finley Mill Gift Set

This handsome red oakwood box is packed with:

  • An attractive tin of wintergreen mints
  • Vanilla lip balm
  • Pop & Style comb/multi-tool
  • Forest Medley soap from Montana
  • And unique playing cards with hand-drawn designs

It’s a bit of everything important. It’s about good grooming and great fun, perfect for a weekend get-away. And thanks to your logo handsomely on the front, you’ll be going along! The impact of this gift will be in the red-oak wood box. Eventually, the beautifully designed box filled with playing cards, will find a prominent place in its recipient’s workplace or home. But inside will not only be the playing cards, but it will also hold the memories from fun times had with friends, family and your brand.

  1. The Liberty Bundle








Take things up a notch with this one. It starts with the Eureka Kit described above. Then add in:

  • Somerset™ Stationery Kit, with a 96-pg. note pad, bookmark, gold pen, gold ruler, gold paper clips, and a paper airplane, just for fun.
  • Finley Mill Stashlight™, an LED flashlight with storage compartment for valuables
  • Elliston Blanket™

I love this whole bundle, but the blanket is something special. It’s a comfy and durable wool blend, and it comes packed for portability in a genuine leather blanket holder with extra-long carry strap. (Big imprint area, too.) Those special clients or other MVPs will stay warm all winter and warm up to your company all year.

Blankets can be especially meaningful as they are used for so many events like picnics, beach trips, and cuddling up to watch a movie with the ones you love. Our CMO has a promotional blanket she received decades ago which she still uses to this day with her family. Think she is still a fan of that brand? You bet she is.

By the way, any or all of these items can be personalized for the first 10 names with no setup charges, and again, only a one-piece minimum. (After 10 names, there is an additional cost to personalize a single product or to personalize the whole bundle.) And remember—just a five-day turnaround from California.

Take a Look at Tech, Too

Oh, and don’t overlook the Tech Promotional Kits in this video. There’s a little geek in all of us, and these kits will keep us safely equipped with fully charged phones!

Bundles…of Satisfied Customers

Superior is an excellent resource for promotional kitting. For one thing, we have a long list of excellent partners to help us offer you the best. And as for us, we’ve earned three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards based totally on our customers’ comments. And our ISO certification keeps us buttoned-up, so we can handle even the most complex kitting projects smoothly.

Contact Superior today for more information on any of these promotional kits. And don’t forget, we can create a completely customized promotional kit that will build passionate and profitable connections with your best prospects, customers, and employees.

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