Something You Should Know Before “Ho Ho Ho”

The holidays are drawing closer, so lately I’ve been talking about your corporate holiday gifting plans. I’m assuming you are planning to be part of the trend; in recent years, the percentage of companies giving out promotional items to key people for the holidays has increased.

Why? According to a 2018 survey done by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), companies give holiday gifts to clients, prospects and employees for many reasons, including:

  • to express appreciation
  • to help develop relationships
  • increase company awareness
  • generate company goodwill
  • generate a lead

Success: A 2020 Vision

And if you’re a regular reader, you know that I believe corporate holiday gifts are more important than ever in this bizarre 2020 COVID business environment.

I think corporate promotional gifts will give a needed and appreciated touchpoint this year in providing an extra sense of closeness to customers, employees and prospects who are feeling more distant right now.

And don’t forget how much promotional items do for your business whenever you use them.

Again, findings from the ASI survey are incredible:

  1. People in every age group from 18-54 rank promotional items as their favorite form of advertising
  2. More than half (57%) of consumers who own promotional products report they have kept some for more than five years; 40% kept some for more than 10 years
  3. Amazingly, 85% of people receiving promotional products remember the advertiser that gave them those products.

Don’t let your business miss the chance to solidify client, prospect and employee relationships in 2020.

But there’s one critical thing to remember:  you!

Branded Gifts are Better Gifts – and Better Investments

The ASI survey highlighted another trend.

Companies said in 2018 that nearly three-quarters of the gifts they would distribute (73 percent) would carry imprinted logos – a higher percentage than the year prior.

And 48 percent said that their logo would be on all the items they gave out during the holiday season.

This is a smart decision and the point of my post today. 

A logo helps those recipients remember who gave them that gift. (And when they may be kept around for five or ten years, that matters!)

Branded promotional gifts impress clients and prospects and help deepen your business relationship with them.

For employees, it can be a source of pride and morale, strengthening their commitment to your company and building team spirit.

And for your business, it doubles as a great marketing investment.

Recipients act as walking billboards bringing exposure and awareness as your recipients wear or use their gifts.

Unique Item? We Can Imprint It.

Don’t think you have to give up branding if you choose a high-value brand-name item or a unique gift with multiple shapes and surfaces.

Our pad printing resources can put a logo on virtually anything, and with no minimum order required.

Branded high-value items are perfect for long-standing clients and important prospects.

Your most-valued employees merit “special” treatment, as well.

Put Our Brand to Work for You

Superior was founded nearly 100 years ago.

And throughout all those decades, we’ve earned a reputation for helping businesses succeed. We’ve worked to make them run more efficiently and helped them overcome problems and maximize opportunities. That’s our brand.

And it continues today.

We have ISO certification that provides a blueprint for our exceptional customer service.

And we can boast four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards, earned on the strength of reviews from our customers.

Contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant for help in ordering the ideal holiday corporate gifts for your key people.

And we’ll help you put your logo on them tastefully so that they not only please the people who receive them, but produce ideal results and ROI for your business, too.

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