8 Things to Look (and Look Out) For

You’ve probably noticed, as businesses and schools reopen, the COVID-19 situation is in flux, and mixed messages are everywhere. But one thing doesn’t change: the need for sanitizer.

You have to have it now more than ever for maintaining a safe business environment and protecting customers and employees. But all sanitizer is not created equal. And a blizzard of companies are now coming at you with offers to sell it to you. But how do you tell if it is quality, effective sanitizer – and if it’s from a trustworthy source?

Today I’m going to help you with that.

How to Find the Right Sanitizer in the Right Place

Thinking of sanitizer as a “commodity” could be a serious mistake. Before jumping at an offer that seems attractive, there are several things you should think about first.

Here’s a good starter list:

  1. Sizes Available

Some providers focus on one size for manufacturing efficiency. Others clearing out a single shipment they have acquired.

But you need a range of sizes, from quantity containers for surface cleaning to small bottles for restroom and checkout areas.

Find one provider who can meet all your needs reliably.

  1. Avoid Methanol

While effective sanitizers contain alcohol, be sure that the one you are considering does not contain methanol. The FDA has warned against hand sanitizer with this ingredient, which can be very dangerous.

  1. Price Gouging

There are always those who take unfair advantage, even in a crisis.

Beware of those selling sanitizer for inflated prices. They have not unearthed a rare treasure for you.

Ample sanitizer supplies are available, and you need not pay a premium for them.

  1. Minimum Quantities

Look for the minimum quantities required for purchase. Minimums may not be a problem for large organizations with heavy traffic and deep resources.

But maybe you only need a gallon or two. Don’t be intimidated into buying cases and cases. You don’t need to.

  1. Effectiveness

We aren’t medical doctors, of course. But the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol, since percentages lower than that may be ineffective.

You’re buying it for a purpose; make sure it achieves that purpose.

  1. Recommended by W.H.O.?

No, not a grammatically incorrect version of the famous Abbott-and-Costello routine. The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) recommends hand rub (sanitizer) formulas for local producers to follow. It’s a good idea to make sure you get your product from a provider that follows those recommendations.

  1. Is Spray Available?

Spray sanitizer is different than hand-sanitizing gels.  While NOT for use on humans or animals, it is an excellent way to disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces.

(Think tables, desks, counters, etc.) Industrial spray sanitizer allows you to deal with large areas efficiently. Make sure you are clear about which type of sanitizer you are ordering.

  1. Look Beyond the Order

The times are volatile, and no one can be sure how long we will deal with COVID-19. So think “relationship” vs. “transaction.” Will that supplier be there with the products and the help you need, time after time after time?

Superior Does Sanitizer Right

When choosing a provider for industrial sanitizer, you need look no further than Superior. How do we measure up against the standards outlined above? Well, let’s take them in order.

  1. Sizes

We offer bottles and shipments in many configurations, including

  1. Alcohol-based

Our sanitizer is alcohol-based, but not methanol. Safe and secure.

  1. Pricing – VERY Competitive

As the manufacturer we are able to offer incredible pricing; and for sanitizer that features a far higher alcohol content than the CDC’s 60% recommendation.

  • $19.99/gallon
  • Ask about the latest pricing on totes and tanker-truck sized shipments
  1. LOW Minimums

You can get what you need from Superior. Minimum quantities range from a case of 12 for the 4-oz. spray bottles, a case of 4 one-gallon bottles, up to….well, we’ll even let you buy as little as ONE gallon of sanitizer or one tanker-truckload!

  1. Effectiveness? You Won’t Find Better

Remember that CDC recommendation of at least 60% alcohol? The higher the better.

Superior spray industrial sanitizer is fully 80% alcohol antiseptic. (And priced competitively with sanitizers that offer a significantly lower alcohol content.)

  1. WHO-Approved Formula

Superior sanitizer is made in accordance with the formula and guidelines provided by the World Health Organization.

What formulas do the others follow?

  1. Spray, Gel, and Whatever PPE You Need

Superior manufactures both gel and industrial spray sanitizer. We are able to meet the needs of our clients with a range of impressive products and even more impressive people.

As a client, you get both an outside sales rep and an inside customer service rep who will team with you to make sure your needs are met.

  1. A Go-To Partner

With Superior, you will get not only sanitizer but an ISO-certified source you can trust to serve you through and beyond our COVID-19 trials. We have been praised by our Governor and in the media for pivoting to meet COVID-19 needs.

But you can look also to our 100 years of adding efficiency to businesses like yours. And four consecutive Best of Print awards that prove the value of our customer service.

Your Partner for Superior Protection

Reach out now to Superior to order industrial spray sanitizer for your organization.

You’ll be happy with your order. But the benefits for your business will go much further. You’ll see!

NOTE: Like all our blog posts, this does NOT constitute medical advice.
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