Check Out Some Returns You’re Really Going to Like

Happy Election Day! I’d like to spend today’s post doing a little campaigning myself—but not for any politician. You may not be running for office, today, but chances are good you’re running an office. Want that office to operate more smoothly? Then you are an excellent candidate for print management.

Unlike some candidates, print management keeps its promises to make a big difference in your business and your workday. In honor of today, let’s examine the “planks” in the print management platform.

The Print Management Platform: All Aboard!

  1. Print Management Will Save You Time

It’s easy to back this one up. With print management, you will waste far less time on all your print projects. That goes for the simple business forms your employees use daily to print-on-demand sales materials and one-off marketing campaigns.

You save time not worrying about specifications over and over. You approve the right forms once and forget about it. Your employees don’t need to waste time sourcing and procuring forms. They can just order pre-approved forms as needed through a web portal. Then they can get back to doing what you hired them to do).



  1. Print Management Will Save You Money

Naturally, those reclaimed employee hours are worth plenty. But in addition to the money you won’t spend on needless research and dealing with the printing process, you’ll also save on the direct costs. With everything specified in advance, you won’t experience cost spikes caused by rogue employee orders or honest errors made by people simply unfamiliar with handling a print project.

And when you can tap into a vast network of vendor resources (like the one managed by Superior Business Solutions) you can be assured that your project is handled by the most competent and most cost-effective printer for the project. That saves money day-in and day-out on frequently used forms. And it can make an even bigger difference on larger, one-off projects where an inexperienced print buyer can be taken advantage of.

  1. Print Management Will Protect Your Quality (and Image)

When you have a print management partner in your corner, it’s like having an extra insurance policy on each project. You can rely upon the expertise of people who know the territory. Trust them to find and engage the most appropriate resources for the quality your project requires. And keep your business looking its best to clients and prospects.

Poor quality is never a bargain. And damage to your company’s image is never “worth it’ no matter how much money you save. A partner like Superior will select print providers that have a track record of providing exceptional quality on deadline and on budget.



  1. Print Management Will Unite Your People

Okay, since it’s Election Day, let’s call it “bringing people together.” No matter how many offices or facilities are part of your operation, they can all be permanently “on the same page” with print management. With advanced technologies like Superior’s Corporate Kiosk™, designated employees in every office order printed materials and promotional items from the same pre-approved menu.

You maintain a unified look, and everyone can focus on their primary duties. It even brings “both sides of the aisle together.” Accounting appreciates the cost efficiency and predictability, while operations loves the simplicity and time efficiency.

It’s Time for YOU to Be Heard

If you are looking for efficiency, it is, uh, incumbent (sorry) on you to consider all important factors in choosing your print management running mate. We were founded on efficiency nearly 100 years ago. We’ve earned two consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards (and our customers were the voters). And we’ve just earned ISO 9001-2015 certified; something few of our “opponents” could claim.

So enjoy the election returns. But think about returns on investment, and contact Superior today and ask for a print management review. You will discover exactly how your business will benefit from print management. And you just might find yourself – the winner.

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