Buy 2-oz. Bottles of Hand-Sanitizer Gel for Coronavirus & It Ships Within 24 Hours!

Last week I told you about our ability to offer in-stock gallons of liquid sanitizer that ships in 24 hours. That was great news to essential businesses and those with the opportunity to resume operations soon. Today I have MORE good news: we can now offer the same fast shipping on 2-oz. bottles of hand sanitizer gel, with 75% alcohol!

Why does that 75% matter? Well although this does not constitute medical advice, the CDC  (Center for Disease Control) recommends hand sanitizers of at least 60% alcohol; lower concentrations simply don’t work as well.

Hand sanitizers can be hard to find in the first place these days, and even if you do, most of them contain 62% alcohol. (Cheaper to make, I’d guess.) I don’t know about you, but rather than play with that 2% margin, I’d trust a hand sanitizer with 75% alcohol content a lot more.

Strong Product, Strong Supply

This may seem obvious, but before you can get it on your hands, you have to get it in your hands. That’s why this is such a wonderful opportunity. These bottles of hand sanitizer are excellent for personal use. Pop them in a purse, briefcase, backpack, or shopping bag. Put one in every room in the house. Made-to-order for keeping in the car, too.

Your employees, prospects, students, friends—WHOMEVER you pass them along to—will be very grateful. At this point in time, that kind of thoughtfulness has more than promotional value. And remember, it’s in our warehouse now, ready to ship! (But contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant for availability—in this COVID-19 climate things are changing FAST.)

Each case has 200 of the 2-oz. bottles of hand sanitizer, and weights 37 lbs. And the pricing at the moment is outstanding:

    * 1 case (200 pieces)        $3.57 per bottle

    * 5 cases (1,000 pieces)   $3.29 per bottle

    * 10 cases (2,000 pieces) $2.99 per bottle

But as I mentioned, stock levels are changing quickly (sometimes hourly), so contact us or your Superior sales consultant for up-to-the-minute pricing and availability.

The Superior Effort You Expect

Perhaps you haven’t followed our company for all of our nearly 100 years in business. But if you had, you’d know that we have always done whatever it takes to ensure our clients have what they need in any business climate. Our ISO certification (and the committed expertise of our people) gives us the processes and knowledge to do that.

Right now, that means offering the PPE for coronavirus businesses need (or will shortly) to thrive during this transition period and for a long time to come. That includes not only sanitizers for hands and other surfaces, but also, shields, gloves, and several kinds of PPE kits.

Contact Superior or your Superior sales consultant today. We’re not just HERE for you. We’re HELP for you.

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