Corporate Kiosk Works From Home, Too

Remember when you were concerned about making sure your people staffing branch offices or remote facilities were on the same page as your main office? Well, current events make those seem like the good old days. Right now, many businesses must cope with a situation in which most, if not all, of their employees are working solo – in distant offices they also call “home.”

There are certainly many complications that come with today’s new business realities. One of the most serious is the difficulty of making sure everyone in your organization has access to and is using the same materials – the correct materials like printed items, promotional products, and even PPE for coronavirus to advance your business. In today’s post, I will provide a solution that will help with the supply chain during COVID-19 (and after) for remote workers.

Escalating an Already-growing Trend

It is important to note that “working from home” is nothing new and has been steadily increasing in recent years.  A recent article on the Think With Google website cites some very interesting statistics:

  • Measured even before COVID-19 emerged, stats show that 3.6 percent of the workforce work from home at least half the time (Source: Global Workplace Analytics). And that number has grown by more than 173% between 2003 and 2015.
  • Nearly a third – 30 percent—of people value being able to choose their work location over an increase in vacation time (Source: International Workplace Group). Control and quality of life are seen as the key, since four out of five U.S. workers would prefer a job offering flexibility.

It’s evident that the virus didn’t start this trend, it simply gave us an unpleasant push. Certainly, most of the workers relocated in the past few weeks will return to their offices. But not all. And the skills and adaptations companies have recently had to master will fuel both employee desire to do it more often, and corporate willingness to embrace the arrangement.

A Winning Print Supply Chain from Home

Long gone are the jaded perceptions of employees taking advantage of working from a home base. Studies have shown successful companies can trust loyal employees to not only maintain but to add productivity after the shift. But it takes thought and smart technologies to make that happen.

That’s something Superior knows all about. We’ve been helping businesses work more efficiently for nearly a century, through both smart ideas and advanced technologies. An important one—Corporate Kiosk™–can almost single-handedly ensure that all your people have access to the same pre-approved forms, documents, proposals, COVID-19 signage, promotional items, and PPE (personal protective equipment) quickly and economically.

Why Business Are Right at Home with Corporate Kiosk

Your company has an image to protect, and your people and materials have a huge role in doing that. Corporate Kiosk provides an enterprise-wide ecosystem that ensures quality and consistency throughout your print, promotional product, and PPE supply chain. It works perfectly for small offices with a few locations or a vast network of remote workers that need to interact and collaborate.

That’s because Corporate Kiosk allows the employees you designate – from one to 100 percent of them—to order what they need through an online portal. Their options are approved in advance by you, and all align perfectly with corporate image, expectations, and accounting. No rogue orders from unproven sources that can result in quality problems and unexpected cost increases.

Homing in on Security and Profitability

No one is certain how long we will have to live with the disruption caused by the novel coronavirus. But the end of every disaster starts the countdown to the next one. Our sudden new arrangement may not be quite as “temporary” as we’d like to think.

Plus, based on the studies we’ve seen, we’re heading in that direction anyway, with or without natural and other disasters forcing our hand. Thus it only makes sense to embrace that future and prepare your business to succeed in it.

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The Strongest Link in Your Print, Promo, and PPE Supply Chain

Corporate Kiosk can help provide a framework ready to serve the current and future needs of your business. But it’s only one of many tools and technologies Superior can deploy to ensure that you don’t merely survive but thrive today and tomorrow.

Just ask our customers, whose reviews have earned us four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. And investigate what our ISO certification really means. I think you’ll find it gives you more confidence and comfort in our ability to help drive your business forward.

Contact us and learn more about how Corporate Kiosk and our many other products and services can add a protective shield around your brand and your business or organization during COVID-19 and far, far beyond.

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