Promotional Business Builders You Can Bank On

Some time ago, we did a post about how promotional marketing can be of value in the financial services industry. But today, I’d like to revisit that topic and offer more detail on a specific list of ten promotional items. I think they are especially appropriate for banks, investment firms and other companies that deal in money and numbers.

But if you’re in another business sector, don’t stop reading. This post may give you some ideas and will certainly show the benefit of working with an experienced partner for promotional gifts. You’ll see how Superior goes far beyond a simple “one-off” promotional item purchase. But more on that later. Let’s look at that list.

10 Promo Items That Are On the Money

Don’t get me wrong; there are thousands of promotional items that can be used creatively for any industry. But here are some excellent ideas for the financial services industry.

  1. Custom Document Bags

custom document bags for promotional marketing in financial industries

This is one of our favorites, and it can carry important materials with security and great looks. Zipper closure and pocket, with comfortable web handle. Several colors available, with your logo and/or message handsomely displayed.


  1. Promotional Calculators

custom calculators for promotional marketing in financial industries

Your prospects can do high finance in high style. Bonded leather portfolio with calculator, plus writing pad, pen loop, ID holder and three interior pockets. An outside zipper keeps things secure. It will become your prospects’ constant travel companion – with your logo on display the whole time.



  1. Piggy Bank with a Twist

custom banks for promotional marketing in financial industries Banks are an obvious choice and can be fun for prospects and their families. We have the classic “piggy” bank, of course, but why not put your money on (or in) something with a little more creativity?  This one can help turn kids into mini money managers (to “coin” a phrase).

  1. Umbrellas

custom umbrellas for promotional marketing in financial industries The right umbrella can remind your customers and prospects to save for a rainy day. It’s not a matter of “weather” they are right for you, but which one is the perfect choice? This link provides some excellent advice on that question.

  1. Customized Coin Pouch

custom change purse for promotional marketing in financial industries Change is at hand. At least it will be for prospects and trade show visitors with this zippered suede-touch coin pouch. A key ring makes it versatile and handy. Your name and logo make it good marketing. I think it’s perfect for dozens of financial service industry uses if you don’t mind me putting my two cents in.

  1. RFID Protective Cell Phone Wallet

custom card safe raid cell phone wallet for promotional marketing in financial industries

Thin paper material with special metal alloy protects your sensitive data. Attaches to back of cell phone and holds two credit cards or IDs. Perfect for many different occupations where privacy and security are critical. And ideal for any person who travels frequently.

  1. Savings Account Coloring Book Fun Pack

custom kids coloring book for promotional marketing in financial industries Sealed poly bag with book and crayon 4-pack. Several themes are available for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. Teaches kids with 16 pages of pictures to color, games, mazes, and puzzles. (Spanish version available too.)  When you please the kids, you please the parents!

  1. Dollar Sign Stress Reliever

Custom dollar sign stress reliever for promotional marketing in financial industries Who doesn’t want to squeeze the most out of every dollar?!! Like a stress ball, but a dollar sign instead. A perfect way to remind prospects and customers of your financial expertise and services with your name and logo always on (and in) hand.

  1. Pop-Out Magnets

custom pop out magnets for promotional marketing in financial industries Who can resist magnets? That’s why they are a very “attractive” promotional item. This card of four pop-out magnets depict popular (especially with kids) financial symbols. Other pop-out magnets put your name and logo on that refrigerator door too. Your customers and prospects will see them many times a day. A great way to make your presence stick.


best custom promotional giftsWhy not go with the maximum creativity option? We can design a promotional or premium item tailored exclusively to your brand, your company, and your industry.  Any size, shape, or color. A 3-D desk item. Even something with a sound, a scent, or a video activated by touch. We can help in this department. We’ve collected a lot of great ideas—and come up with many more!

The Real “Product” – a Successful Partnership

If you are just “purchasing an item” you are passing up an opportunity. An experienced promotional partner like Superior can give you great ideas, save you time and money, and help you create a profitable promotional products plan.

We’ve been helping companies build efficiency for nearly 100 years. Our ISO certification means we do it with relentless commitment. And we’ve earned three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards, which means that what we do works for our customers.

Contact us today for a free print and promotional product audit. We’ll use our experience to suggest ways you can help your business grow through smart promotional product planning and financial industry print services. And that’s true whether you provide financial services or short-order breakfasts. Dollars to doughnuts, we can help.

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