Need PPE for Your Business? You Could Get Money. You WILL Get Help

I like to think all my posts here have value. But today’s could really help your business cash in.

It seems that money is starting to flow to businesses to help them keep their doors open in the face of the coronavirus and, more importantly, provide critical safety items for their employees.

That’s an encouraging concept. As you know, we remain very focused on helping our clients (and you, if you’re not one yet) acquire the PPE for covid you need, reliably and at an incredible price.

Michigan Businesses Getting $16.3 Million in Financial Help

Recently, the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) activated the COVID-19 Safety Grant Program. Under the program, approximately 1,500 small and medium-sized businesses received funds totaling $16.3 million in all.

The money is to be used to implement safety procedures and protocols to create a safer and healthier work environment. That, in turn, helps at-risk businesses to stay open and safely serve customers. Businesses receiving assistance included restaurants and bars, retail facilities, healthcare, education, community ventures, and more.

Couldn’t your business use that kind of help?

But I’m Not in Michigan….

Our clients are across the country, so we know what is happening not only in our home state but in others across the country. We believe it likely that other states have created (or will soon establish) similar programs. They see it (quite rightly in my view) as a key step in preserving a vital business community.

If you are not in Michigan, your Superior sales representative may be able to help you determine whether or not similar funds may be released in your state.

A  few months ago, we pivoted to become a proven large-scale N95 supplier. In that capacity, we were able to provide Michigan with critically-needed PPE after many potential suppliers were unable to help.

PPE Expertise at Your Disposal

Whether these funds are forthcoming in your state or not, you still need to do all you can to protect your customers, your employees, and your livelihood.

I firmly believe that means calling Superior.

That’s been a great idea for the nearly 100 years since our founding. Our PPE “pivot” is just the latest example of us doing whatever it takes to deliver whatever our clients need.

To that end, we have taken numerous steps to develop and strengthen a supply chain providing virtually every type and level of PPE, from masks and shields to all-important sanitizer. (We’ve even created PPE kits that are wonderful onboarding gifts for new remote employees.)

The Superior Approach to PPE and More

We are proud of our ability to remain agile despite our long and deep roots.

I credit that to our ISO certification and the responsiveness of our inside and outside sales representatives.

With four consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards from our customers, we have good reason to trust our process. You can, too.

Contact Superior or your Superior Sales Consultant. Right now, that could result in getting the right PPE at a good price. But COVID-19 is just one of your business challenges.

Find out how our products, tools and technologies can help you win against all of them.

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