Our Customers Have Spoken

UPDATE: Superior Business Solutions has earned a three-peat with another Best of Print & Digital win for 2019! 

Sometimes history repeating itself can be a very good thing. I am proud and humbled to announce that Superior Business Solutions has earned the “Best of Print and Digital®” award for 2018. As it’s the second consecutive year, we’ve earned this distinction, that makes it back-to-back wins. And the reason I’m so proud? That the honor comes from our customers, but more on that in a moment.

Our company was founded on efficiency in 1924 by my Grandfather. This Best of Print and Digital award indicates that we are staying true to our roots and our mission. We continue to help businesses, and their employees, succeed by assisting them in saving time and money through things like print management and promotional items.

Reviews That Mean Something

The ratings that earned us this award, come from Butler Street, an independent research company and leading provider of client loyalty research and retention programs, in conjunction with NAPCO Media, Printing Impressions, and Print+Promo. Its unique Net Promoter Score© (NPS) methodology is widely regarded as the best indicator of customer loyalty and future revenue.

The company’s interviewers ask a firm’s customers how likely they would be, on a scale of 0-10, to recommend the company to others. They then subtract the percentage of “detractors” (who scored the company a “6” or less) from the percentage of “promoters” (who scored it at 9 or 10). The result is the Net Promoter Score. Any score above 50 (like ours) is considered excellent. It’s a very interesting system; I will talk more about NPS in a future post.

Our Best of Print and Digital Award for 2018 places us at the very top of providers in the print management and digital industry. To all our print management and promotional item customers who gave us such high ratings, all I can say is “thank you.”

Quality Counts

Every company wants to deliver customer-pleasing service. But wishing alone won’t do it. We have taken specific, and sometimes challenging actions to make it happen. In July 2016, we earned ISO 9001:2008 certification. That ensures that we follow policies and procedures that not only satisfy customers but turn them into advocates.

My brother and our CEO, Bill English, believes the award is evidence of how well we look out for our clients.

“At the end of the day it is about quality. Our employees have our clients’ best interest top of mind. We use NPS to quantify how we are doing. Congrats to our whole team for back-to-back wins,” – Bill English, CEO

I think winning back-to-back Best of Print & Digital Awards is proof that it’s about the people and relationships. Our sales team takes great pride in knowing their clients and how they do business. The more we know how they operate, the better we can take care of them.

Our people take pride in our technology-driven print management and promotional item program offerings and being the go-to, trusted and preferred vendor. The better we are at our job, the more our customers can focus on their own business and increase their success.

We have built a team that just naturally puts our customers’ needs first – and it shows. Congratulations and thank you to everyone on the Superior team! Every single member of our Superior team from accounting to customer service had a part in this.

Making Sure Our Customers Win with Print Management and Promotional Marketing

We haven’t achieved the success we have by taking things for granted. We’re proud of our awards, don’t get us wrong. But we know the most important factor is how we handle the relationships we have established over the last almost 100 years of doing business, and how we handle the next client email or phone call. After all, it could be from you.

Contact Superior today to learn more about the many ways we can assist you with your promotional marketing and print management. Join our team. You might just help us make a triple play next year.

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